Left-wing Protest Spirals Out of Control in New York

America has seen a growing yet unfortunate pattern of left-wing demonstrators showing up at various conservative events to cause problems. In many cases, these folks are not just protesting. They’re often loud, rowdy, and even violent.

Many of the rioters see nothing wrong with their behavior, due to their disagreement with conservatives. However, they’re creating a culture of intimidation where many Americans fear threats and harm coming their way if they dare to speak out.

This is largely a consequence of growing division in society that’s leading more and more people to see those who disagree with them as the enemy.

Now, yet another violent left-wing riot has broken out, this time in New York, according to the Gateway Pundit.

What Happened in New York?

Right-wing personality Ian Haworth was speaking on a New York college campus with Turning Point USA to discuss the merits of free speech. However, left-wingers didn’t like what he was saying and quickly made it their business to cause a scene.

These rioters started by screaming and chanting at him before eating the food that Turning Point USA brought to the event. Later, the demonstrators moved to takng off their shoes and even destroying a Bible.

The goal here was to clearly cause a commotion and stop Haworth from being able to speak to those who were interested in hearing from him.

More Episodes to Come?

Social media has seen consistent organized planning of various left-wing events meant to cause problems and make a scene.

Even before this latest incident in New York, leftist activists stormed the state Capitols of Kentucky and Tennesse over policies that ban gender reassignment medical treatment for minors.

At the rate things are going, Americans can sadly expect more scenes like the one at Turning Point USA’s event in New York.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.