Leftism Killing US Schools as Teachers Quit in Droves

Growing problems in American schools are destroying them by causing more and more teachers to leave, according to a report.

‘Politicized’: Meaning Far-Left Crushing American Schools

After the end of the Cold War, leftism was allowed to take over American college campuses, to the extent that, according to some estimates, leftist college professors outnumber conservative college professors 15 to 1.

Three different teachers interviewed by Fox News on Teacher Appreciation Day have painted an extremely bleak picture.

They’ve explained that problems with “transgender policies,” “parental rights,” and “politicized school curriculums” are causing decent educators to quit the school system “in droves.”

The euphemistic comments expose the combination of “staff shortages,” alongside “moral dilemmas about politics” within the schools. To top that off, those are garnished with “behavioral issues by students.”

Communism is Here and It’s Terrifying

Brook Ooten, an elementary school teacher from New York, told the news outlet that the “national teacher shortage” was the biggest problem in American schools at present. There are some 75% of K12 institutions reporting being “short on teachers.”

Another teacher, Daniel Buck, a Fordham Institute fellow, raised alarm about the failure of “discipline” in schools nationwide, with inadequate “punishments and consequences” that’s shattering “teacher morale.”

That’s clearly courtesy of the “liberal education” and is hardly surprising, considering how woke Democrats are eager to set free even hardened criminals.

Ramona Bessinger, a high school teacher from Rhode Island, emphasized the fact that American teachers are getting “forced” to actually “adhere to political ideologies.”

She stopped short of describing that as Democratic progressivism, but was clear that it was “anti-American, anti-girl, and anti-boy” content – in other words, wokeism and transgenderism, which are the two main offshoots of today’s Marxism-Communism.

Bessinger pointed out that many teachers who are against those ideologies were literally “bullied” into quitting so the liberal communists could reign supreme.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.