Leftist Judge’s Biased Ruling Gets Overturned

Last March, Judge Mark Walker kicked a hornet’s nest when he determined that an election security law in Florida was tantamount to racist voter discrimination. Walker compared the law to a measure meant to keep people of color from participating in elections.

Unfortunately, this is a common, yet false, narrative that Democrats have weaponized against any and all efforts to make sure elections are secure and free of fraud.

However, 14 months later, Judge Walker’s ruling has been gutted accordingly, per the Tampa Free Press.

What You Need to Know

Walker is a judge who was unsurprisingly appointed by former President Obama. It’s very clear in this case that partisanship influenced Walker’s verdict. However, it was all for naught, seeing as the superior federal appellate court nuked his ruling.

According to the federal appellate court, Walker’s “flawed” verdict arrived despite the suit against the election integrity law failing to show any proof that voters of color were being discriminated against or disenfranchised.

Hence, the law still stands. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Walker had a biased verdict overturned.

A Victory For Florida

The outcome of this case is one that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis predicted some time ago.

Now, it turns out that Judge Walker will be overseeing yet another case involving DeSantis, this one being the lawsuit that Disney is bringing against him.

If the future follows past patterns, then Walker’s verdict may very well side with Disney, only for a higher court to overturn it and rule in favor of the Florida governor.

Right now, though, it remains to be seen how this lawsuit plays out, what Disney brings to the table, and how DeSantis’ legal team responds. Given the high-profile nature of this litigation, Americans can expect more updates to emerge sooner rather than later.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.