Leftist Media in Big Trouble as WaPo Declares Layoffs

Like a lot of left-leaning media platforms and companies, The Washington Post seems to have fallen on hard times.

WaPo Staff Blindsided

After declaring staff cutbacks, The Washington Post’s publisher, Fred Ryan, declined to answer inquiries from staff members on Wednesday, causing the workforce to become distressed and enraged.

Kathy Baird, the principal spokesman for The Washington Post, said an undetermined number of jobs will soon be terminated.

Baird stated they expect a single-digit percentage of their workforce to be affected and they will formalize their strategy in the following weeks and days. She went on to say this will not result in a net reduction of Post personnel.

Baird released a statement saying the news publication is undergoing a “transformation” and evolution to ensure The Washington Post is in the best position to promote growth for the company.

She went on to say resources will be directed to coverage and invested in individuals who produce high-value content, output, and those who will attract new subscribers and readers.

The shocking news was delivered to staff on Wednesday by their publisher, Fred Ryan. He was met with outrage and a flurry of inquiries from worried and upset staffers.

Ryan told the staff he was apologetic, but wasn’t willing to turn the town hall and the meeting into a complaints session.

In response, one employee yelled back at him that they weren’t complaining; they were asking a question.

Another staffer, a journalist, asked Ryan what he would be willing to do to help save people’s livelihoods.

As the journalists launched a slew of inquiries, Ryan stated more information would be forthcoming before leaving the room.

Heard on the clip are journalists asking if they will be treated the same way the magazine staffers were treated and expressing that they felt they were being disrespected by their employer.

Ryan’s declaration follows Sally Buzbee’s revelation that the publication’s monthly Sunday magazine will be discontinued. The employment of all ten employees was discontinued.

The magazine is set to issue its last publication on the 25th of December this year, after more than 30 years.

Liberal News Struggling

As reported by the Post, the publication removed the roles of the magazine’s ten employees.

The Post claims product reviews and the crossword puzzle will keep appearing in print, but there is no assurance the workers will be provided with new roles at the newspaper.

Executive editor Sally Buzbee reportedly stated “economic headwinds” had an influence on this decision.

The Post’s difficulties in attracting subscriptions and generating digital ad revenue were noted by the New York Times earlier this year. According to the Times, the publication was on course to lose business this year after remaining profitable for decades.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.