Lefty Media Physically Assault Reporters Outside Trump Arraignment

The leftist propaganda machines are no longer content with just spreading poison. They are also fielding thugs who are viciously assaulting independent journalists.

It became clear from an incident outside the NYC court where former President Trump was being arraigned.

Physical Assault During Trump’s Arraignment

Manhattan’s Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg recently got a grand jury to indict Trump over highly questionable allegations.

These allegations claim that in 2016, the Trump campaign paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels to hide an affair she claims she had with the future commander-in-chief in 2006.

Because of those claims, Trump has been charged with 34 financial crime counts, to which he pleaded not guilty. Yet, while the whole world was watching out for the proceedings inside the Manhattan courtroom, there were other far-left horrors outside.

A crew member of CBS News, which PJ Media qualified as “deranged” and a “psycho,”  attacked Oren Levy, an independent photojournalist.

“I will kill you!” shouted the burly CBS News thug. His repeated assault against Levy was caught in footage and shared on social media.

Attacked for No Reason

The report points out that a “large, deranged black man” can be seen seizing the photojournalist by his jacket and then shoving him back. “Don’t ever f— with me,” yelled the attacker, who seems to be wearing video recording gear.

A witness of the attack can be heard in the background asking the CBS News staffer what was wrong with him. After the crowd forces the attacker to release Oren Levy, the former starts shouting he “will kill” the independent journalist.

Levy later told Blaze Media that the CBS crew member started to harass him while he was filming GOP Rep. George Santos outside the courtroom where Trump was being arraigned.

Levy posted online footage showing the attacker began threatening him for no apparent reason. The aggressive assailant from the CBS News team was identified as a man named David Forde, a CBS News “sound guy.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.