Lefty State Goes Soft on Convicted Murders, Victims’ Families Stunned

The Democrat-dominated state of Connecticut commuted the sentences of 44 convicted murderers, stunning and outraging the families of the victims in a further show of the left’s insane pro-crime policies.

Soft on Killers and Rapists

The radical left that is increasingly dominating the Democrat Party has been shattering public safety all across the nation through its vicious “defund the police” and justice reform policies.

They make no sense whatsoever to any rational person who hasn’t been brainwashed by Marxist-Communist ideology.

The pro-crime policies of the communist Democrats are oftentimes so absurd. They seem to be the brainchild of a deliberate conspiracy to destroy the well-being of the good people of the United States and subjugate them to a dystopian far-left totalitarian regime.

In a new instance of the left’s pro-crime stance, the Board of Pardons and Paroles of Connecticut seems to have changed its policy so as to favor the most violent criminals in the state, as per the view of murder victims’ families.

Thus, a total of 44 convicted Connecticut killers had had their sentences reduced, Fox News reported.

While Connecticut had only six commutations between 2016 and 2021, in 2022 alone, its Board of Pardons and Paroles commuted the sentences of a total of 71 criminals.

The total commutations in the state now stand at 97 since the process was resumed in 2021. At the same time, another almost 300 commutation applications have been rejected. The report quotes Audrey Carlson, whose daughter Elizabeth was murdered in 2002.

The board ended up denying the commutation request of her daughter’s killer. Carlson was totally outraged when she learned there was an option to reduce the murderer’s sentence.

She emphasized that she had to relive the grief and pain from 20 years back, which took years of therapy and personal effort to overcome.

Carlson, her husband, and their other daughter Leslie “went into a tailspin,” thanks to the sentence commutation efforts of the state of Connecticut.

They Are Blaming COVID

A report by Fox 61 reveals that Connecticut’s Board of Pardons and Paroles “blamed” the current spike in commutations on the coronavirus pandemic.

It claimed COVID-19 measures saw a pause in the process and its resumption in 2021 caused a spike in applications by convicted criminals.

State Senator Heather Somers, a Republican, accused the board of slashing criminals’ sentences by acting “in the dark.”

She pointed out that the board had been appointed by Connecticut’s Democrat Governor, Ned Lamont and its members either decided to go soft on convicted murderers or “were given a nudge” in that direction.

Somers insisted it was wrong to allow killers, rapists, and other violent criminals to seek commutation since that meant “overriding plea deals and judges.”

She noted that in one case, a 95-year sentence was reduced by 67 years. The state senator described the situation as “outrageous” and declared the GOP’s commitment to “making this stop.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.