‘Legal Immigrant’ Caught Ambushing Minor Girls

As America is being inundated with one tsunami after another, a case in which a man who is technically a “legal immigrant” and has been luring middle school girls inside his car just emerged.

This has become a reminder that even those who legally enter the US could be a public threat.

Legal Migrants Could Be Just as Threatening as Illegals

The case of a 35-year-old “legal immigrant” in Florida – Marcos Rodas-Marcos, who is a native of the Central American country of Guatemala – shows some “legal immigrants” cannot be trusted to be any better than illegal immigrants.

Rodas-Marcos has been residing in the United States on a work visa – meaning he is technically legally in the country. Though few details about his precise employment have been made available by the Florida police, the Tampa Free Press reported.

Apparently, the Guatemalan national has been ambushing American middle school girls walking to school. He was luring them inside his SUV, trying to keep them inside with gifts and money, though not brute force.

Rodas-Marcos was arrested by the police in Martin County in Southeast Florida, less than two hours after his fourth victim alerted the police. She was also the first of his victims to do so. The incidents occurred in Indiantown.

The 35-year-old “legal” migrant was located and detained quickly by detectives from Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Earlier he approached a young girl walking to school, convinced her to get into his car, and then attempted to lure her to remain with him inside the vehicle.

The child told Florida law enforcement that Rodas-Marcos’s pretext for inviting her to get in his car was the promise of driving her and bringing her faster to her destination.

Cash and iPhones as Ambush Gifts

After the middle school girl was already inside the sick “legal immigrant’s” vehicle, he offered her money and “expensive electronic equipment,” including a new iPhone, in order to persuade her to remain with him and “talk.”

The girl told the Martin County detectives that she grew nervous and left the stranger’s car.

As police investigated the case further, they discovered it had been the Guatemalan man’s second attempt to lure the child into his SUV and keep her there. He had done the same with three other middle school girls, who hadn’t reported their encounters with him to the police.

The three other victims also managed to leave the SUV, but were afraid to tell the police about the stranger’s actions.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office urged the families in Indiantown to talk to their children about whether they had “encounters” with Rodas-Marcos.

The Guatemalan is held on a felony charge of interference with child custody, which is within the statute of kidnapping and false imprisonment. No bond has been allowed as there are concerns that Rodas-Marcos could escape to his native homeland of Guatemala.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.