Liberal Senate Nominee Still Unable to Process Simple Language

Less than one month before the midterm elections, Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania John Fetterman is still struggling to speak and understand simple conversations.

Fetterman is supposed to attend a pre-election debate against Republican candidate Mehmet Oz after two weeks. However, he is still unable to process simple speeches without the help of closed captioning technology.

Earlier this year, Fetterman suffered from a stroke, after which he is unable to recover fully. Back then, Fetterman claimed he “almost died” of the stroke.

John Fetterman Still Unfit Before One Month of Election

Fetterman gave an interview to NBC host Dasha Burns, who revealed the Democratic Senate contender needed closed captioning technology to understand questions during the interview.

This is the first sit-in interview of Fetterman since he suffered from a stroke in May.

While speaking to MSNBC, Burns stated her channel had to set up a monitor for Fetterman since he is still struggling with auditory processing issues. Furthermore, Burns added the Senate candidate is also facing some difficulties during his speech. 

When the channel was busy setting up the closed-captioning monitor technology, Fetterman was unable to understand the conversation, Burns added.

The complete interview with Fetterman is set to be released on Wednesday, but the preview of the meeting showed Fetterman mixed up many words while speaking to the NBC host.

For instance, he was unable to say the word “empathetic.” Later on, he acknowledged it was the after-effects of the stroke.

Conservatives Sound Alarm Against Fetterman’s Elections

Republicans have repeatedly pointed out that Fetterman is currently unfit to serve as the senator of the United States, where he is supposed to do constant debates. However, Fetterman insisted he is fully fit for any office, adding he is recovering rapidly.

After the cancellation of previous debates, both Fetterman and Oz have now decided to do a public debate on October 25. Fetterman told the NBC host that he would attend the debate against his Republican competitor.

Previously, Fetterman has tried to avoid debates with Mehmet Oz. According to Fetterman, Republicans were trying to make fun of his illness by dragging him into a debate.

Though it still remains unclear whether Fetterman would require closed captioning technology in the debate or not. It also remains uncertain if the administration of the debate would allow the closed captioning monitors.

In his interview, Fetterman reassured Burns he is recovering every day and would be fit at the time of his oath in January. On the other hand, Fetterman continued, Dr. Oz will still remain an incompetent person. 

Furthermore, Fetterman said he never lost his memory or reading ability, despite suffering from a dangerous stroke. He also claimed he started to know the daily life problems of Americans better after suffering from the stroke.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.