Liberals Are Against Home Ownership

Most of you who have some familiarity with the home-buying process are certainly aware of the myriad challenges and hazards that prospective homeowners, especially first-time purchasers, may encounter.

Liberals Spread Propaganda

There are numerous factors to take into account.

The majority of individuals require assistance to guarantee they are choosing the best-suited bargain. However, it may also be extremely lucrative. It is essential to the American dream.

Therefore, we happened to be somewhat surprised to see this essay by Jerusalem Demsas in the liberal publication, The Atlantic.

The actual title was “Don’t Buy a House. (Ever).” The ultimate title on the host’s site was somewhat tamer: “The Homeownership Society Was an Error.”

The author discusses the myths surrounding the American institution of homeownership.

The agreement that property ownership is superior to renting distorts a number of unpleasant truths: when homeownership doesn’t make sense, for those of whom it doesn’t make sense, and the fact that it benefits for some depend on disadvantages for others.

Speaking in terms of averages obscures the diversity of homeownership experiences.

For many, homeownership is generally an advantageous endeavor, but for others, especially young, middle-income, and low-income households, in addition to black people, it can be perilous.

This argument is not original (not even to this magazine); for instance, the sociologist John Dean wrote out several of many people’s worries in his book “Homeownership: Is It Reliable?”

For certain households, certain properties are sensible investments, but a cultural and real estate business that supports ownership without qualification fails to specify further.

This is my major critique: somewhat, encouraging more people into owning weakens our capacity for improving housing outcomes for all, and more importantly, it fails to keep delivering on ownership’s main goal of offering financial security.

If you guessed that the response to my inquiry above was “it means you are a racist” without having read the passage, you deserve a treat.

This is by no means the central point of the entire work; although it does contain a lot of insights along these lines.

Demsas notes that the worth of a property is directly proportional to the shortage of housing for others. This system puts incumbents against newcomers by its very essence.

Liberals: Homeownership is Racist

In addition, it is noted that rising real estate prices tend to exclude less wealthy individuals from the market.

Moreover, they are disproportionately from minority communities. In reality, the 13-paragraph conclusion is entitled “Inequality is Inevitable.”

There are dangers associated with purchasing a property, but they may be worthwhile for many individuals, so don’t let the pessimists discourage you.

After all, there’s something to be said for paying money and having ownership, versus renting, spending all that money, and not ever owning the space.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.