Life is Getting More Dangerous For Mail Carriers

Across the United States, rises in crime still pose very serious problems. This is a natural and unfortunate aftereffect of communities deciding that it was a good idea to grant prisoners early release, roll back cash bail, and defund law enforcement.

Before these measures were put into place, conservatives warned that crime rates would skyrocket and innocent people would be put in danger. Yet, those in power failed to heed the warnings.

Now, many people are literally paying the price for that as various crime rates go through the rooftops.

Starbucks locations in left-wing cities are shutting their doors and employees feel more apprehensive about coming to work every day. Meanwhile, a new report from Newsmax documents the growing dangers that mail carriers are facing across the United States.

Evolving Threats Against US Mail Carriers

Sadly, many mail carriers are falling victim to robberies while they’re out doing their jobs.

In some cases, these robberies are for criminals to get their hands on various packages; in other circumstances, the robbers are looking to get mail carriers’ “master keys” to open different mailboxes.

As mail carriers come under assault amid working, some of them are naturally questioning whether or not the job is worth it. That comes on top of various civilians reporting that their mail is being stolen during or after deliveries.

Over the years, these crimes against mail carriers have increased. Yet, due to their status as federal workers, mail carriers are unable to carry a gun on their person, even if they have a permit for concealed carry.

In a nutshell, this leaves mail carriers defenseless with virtually no recourse as criminals become more brazen in launching attacks against these workers.

Daunting Ramifications For Society

If mail carriers remain in the line of fire, there’s a real possibility that many of them will go elsewhere for employment.

In turn, this creates a situation of fewer people available to deliver mail, therefore leaving longer wait times for Americans who are reliant upon letters, packages, and other forms of mail.

Meanwhile, mail theft has become such a prevalent issue that law enforcement groups have begun publicizing tips to help people reduce their chances of having their letters or packages stolen.

However, getting to the root of this problem means holding accountable the criminals who are brutalizing mail carriers and stealing people’s mail. Until the head of the snake gets cut off, it will continue to spread venom nationwide.

What do you think about the growing numbers of mail carriers who are being attacked and robbed while they’re simply out doing their jobs? What do you believe should happen to stop this problem? Below in the comments area, you’re invited to share your thoughts.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.