List of Potential Biden Running Mates Gets Shorter

"Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School" (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Speculation over which person will become Joe Biden’s running mate remains very much alive and well.

At this time, Biden remains under fire for his policies, manner of campaigning, sexual assault allegations against him, and more. Many Americans continue to worry about the cognitive health of the former vice president. While Biden maintains that he takes cognitive tests on a regular basis, the nation has not seen any proof of said tests.


Nevertheless, the former vice president and his team remain determined to press forward in the 2020 presidential election; this requires picking a running mate to join Biden in the general election.

Washington Examiner states that Biden’s list of potential running mates has narrowed down even further, as of late.

A Closer Look at the Shortlist of Prospective Biden Running Mates

At this time, the candidates listed as potential vice presidential picks include Sen. Kamala Harris, mayor of Atlanta Keisha Bottoms, Rep. Val Demings, and Susan Rice.

Each of the aforementioned women are in the final vetting stages; the updated shortlist of potential picks also comes as Biden faces pressure from black Democrats to select a black woman as his running mate.

Yesterday, Biden provided additional insight into his selection for vice presidential picks during an MSNBC interview. The former vice president alleged that he will “have personal discussions” with each of the remaining prospects before making the ultimate selection.

At this time, Biden is expected to select a running mate by August 1.

The General Election

Many Americans are poised and ready for an intense and heated battle between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Biden supporters regularly note that certain polls have shown the former vice president ahead of Trump; however, other Americans have noted that polls do not always indicate election outcomes. 2016 certainly proved that.

Supporters of President Trump are also questioning whether or not Biden will manage to successfully hold his own against the president in one-on-one debates. Countless videos show Biden stammering, losing his train of thought, mumbling, forgetting names, etc.

Nevertheless, Biden’s campaign is dismissing assertions about his cognitive decline, branding these reports as “Trump smears.” Some folks are questioning whether or not Biden will even appear on the debate stage, despite him agreeing to participate in three debates with Trump.

Which candidate do you think Joe Biden will select as his running mate? What do you think the Trump vs. Biden general election will look like? Let us know down below in the comments section.