Liz Cheney Has a Prediction for the Future

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is bitter. She lost her race to be renominated in Wyoming to Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman; she has found herself increasingly unpopular among large swathes of the Republican Party.

The party in which her dad Dick was an insider who got respect changed dramatically. It’s now the party of economic nationalism and America First.

Cheney hates that and she sees a different path forward than the Trump way. Indeed, Cheney has a prediction about the future of the conservative movement.

Cheney’s Prediction

According to Cheney, there’s going to be a different and new conservative movement that veers away from the America First movement. She said this will happen if Trump once again is the GOP candidate in 2024.

Her prediction is obviously self-motivated since she’s constantly hinted at running for president and is using her own Independent status to try to carve out a new lane.

This is just the Never Trump movement all over again. It’s wishful thinking.

While there are plenty of people in the conservative movement who are not fans of Donald Trump and also growing support for Ron DeSantis of Florida, the idea there will be an entire new Trump-free conservative movement is a fantasy.

Trump’s stunning win in 2016 changed the party forever; there’s no real voting base on the conservative side for an establishment, Cheney-style party.

The Cheneys Are Off the Chain

Cheney has made it clear she wants to be the leader of a new non-Trump conservative movement that basically goes back in time to the Bush days. Her prediction that the party will “splinter” if Trump is the 2024 nominee has no real evidence behind it.

Her further promise that “we” are ready to step forward with anything necessary to stop Trump from becoming POTUS is similarly out of touch with reality. If it’s a threat, then it needs to be investigated by the Secret Service.

It’s not just Liz Cheney who’s intensely angry at Donald Trump. Her own father, Iraq War architect Dick Cheney put out a campaign ad on her behalf in which he threatened Trump and called him the worst threat to democracy in US history.

This is a guy who shot his friend in the face while out hunting, started a war to send other people’s kids to die, and even pitched a committee the idea of staging a false flag with US patrol boats painted in the colors of Iran to serve as a pretext for war with Iran.

This is the guy calling Trump a threat to “democracy.”

The Bottom Line

Cheney may decide to run for president in 2024. She’s got plenty of money; although it’s not clear where she’d get the votes.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.