Liz Cheney Weighs in on 2024 Race

Congresswoman Liz Cheney has taken a leading role in the anti-Trump movement in order to gain power.

According to her, it’s all about her precious principles and “democracy,” which is why she’s heading up the January 6 Committee and trying to put Trump in jail.

A quick look at her behavior and actions, however, shows Cheney is simply courting her own path to power based on drawing out disaffected centrist Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Now, she’s shown her true colors once and for all with recent statements on the 2024 election and a potential matchup between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Cheney Trashes DeSantis

Many of us watched recently as former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared in an ad for his daughter, calling Trump the worst danger in American history.

This may convince a few Democrats to switch to the GOP and cast a ballot for his daughter, but there’s no doubt it’s very try-hard.

As for Cheney herself, she’s now weighing in on 2024 and the potential matchup between Trump and DeSantis.

There has been some chatter about Cheney herself running, but for now, she’s focused on tearing down everyone else, saying DeSantis would be “very difficult” for her to get behind.

Why exactly? Cheney says DeSantis has been too in line with Trump and not willing enough to call out the former POTUS on his claims about 2020 election fraud and more.

Essentially, Cheney said DeSantis has “almost entirely” allied with Trump and this makes him “very dangerous” and not somebody she would want to support.

If you hate freedom, the Constitution, and a prosperous economy free of big government COVID restrictions, child sex teachings, and BLM violence, I can see how DeSantis might come across as “dangerous.”

Otherwise, Cheney appears to be living in a fantasy world, specifically, a Democrat fantasy world.

Cheney’s Grandstanding Hypocrisy

Cheney is nothing but a power-hungry pretender who thinks nobody will take a quick glance at her record. She lined up on every vote with Trump 93% of the time when he was in office.

By her voting record, she was a strong Trump supporter. Now, her dad’s out there wearing a cowboy hat and whining about democracy while she sheds crocodile tears on DeSantis being too similar to Trump? Give me a break.

The primary in Wyoming comes up in around a week on Aug. 16. Cheney, in all likelihood, will get absolutely kicked to the curb by her Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman.

Cheney has a very narrow path forward and no political advisor would envy her position right now.

She’d be much better off just trying out for a cable news contributor job on CNN or MSNBC than trying to run for higher office.

The Bottom Line

Cheney’s goose is cooked. That’s why she’s so bitter about DeSantis: he’s winning, she’s losing. Keep your eyes on Aug. 16 in Wyoming.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.