Los Angeles County Walks Back New Mask Mandate

At this point, most Americans have had their fill when it comes to various restrictions and mandates associated with COVID. With no shortage of vaccines and booster shots, there’s a prevailing view that says people have to move on with their lives.

Polling over the past several months has shown that more Americans believe COVID is here to stay. People aren’t so amenable to remaining in their homes, refusing to go anywhere, or otherwise having the government run their lives.

Yet, in spite of all this, Los Angeles County recently announced its choice to reinstate a mask mandate. This is a decision that the county has since walked back, per Washington Examiner.

What Really Prompted This Change?

When Los Angeles County announced that a mask mandate would be coming back, it cited COVID case numbers and hospitalization rates as the reasons why.

Yet, just earlier this week, Los Angeles County also cited COVID cases and hospitalizations as the driving factors behind the choice to walk back reinstating mandatory masking.

However, in the eyes of many Americans, there’s more that went into this decision than what Los Angeles County is acknowledging.

When news broke of the then-returning mask mandate, multiple city officials, such as Long Beach and the city council of Beverly Hills, confirmed they wouldn’t be doing anything to uphold this mandate.

All things considered, it appears as though Los Angeles County realized the deep unpopularity of the mandate and determined it simply wasn’t worth trying to implement again.

Bigger Problems to Worry About

Los Angeles has a laundry list of problems that are far more important than whether or not someone is wearing a mask when they go out.

It’s many Americans’ view that the county should focus on issues like crime, homelessness, and the costs of living that are driving people to other communities.

At this time, it remains to be seen whether or not Los Angeles County tries to bring back the countywide mask mandate yet again. Health officials have alluded to possibly still reinstating the mandate if cases and hospitalizations reach a certain level.

On social media, Americans have celebrated the decision not to enforce the mask mandate after all. People who ultimately pushed back against this are being widely branded as heroes who spared Los Angeles residents from unnecessary government bureaucracy.

This latest turn of events in Los Angeles County could also very well send a message to other left-wing communities that may try to revive COVID restrictions.

What do you think really caused Los Angeles County to walk back its previous plans to reinstate a mask mandate? Let us know in the comments area down below if you believe mask mandates are finally finished.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.