Macomb County Democrat Slams Gov. Whitmer’s Safer-at-Home Order

"CapCon 2019 - Governor Gretchen Whitmer" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) continues to face criticism, lawsuits, and demonstrations because of her response to COVID-19. Whitmer has extended her Safer-at-Home Executive Order four times already and it appears as though a fifth extension will come before May is over.

The Michigan governor maintains that the state will not fully reopen until a vaccine for coronavirus arrives. Instead of listening to the many struggling Michigan residents who are trying to stay financially afloat, she’s deeming protesters as racists and misogynists while taking legal action against business owners who are reopening to feed their families.


Believe it or not, Republicans and conservatives are not the only folks who take issue with Whitmer’s clear overreach and tyrannical decrees. Mark Hackel, a Democrat and Macomb County executive urged the Michigan governor to “ease up” on her neverending shutdown, reports Breitbart News.

Reviewing Hackel’s Take on Gov. Whitmer’s Response to COVID-19

During an interview with WDIV, the Macomb County Democrat did not mince words. Hackel clearly professed that Whitmer should not only “ease up,” but also stop moving the goalpost regarding the actual objective of her safer-at-home order.

Remember, when these lockdowns first started, they were claimed to be necessary to flatten the curve and not overwhelm hospitals. Guess what? The curve has flattened and hospitals are no longer overwhelmed; yet, amazingly, Democrats have now moved from talk of flattening the curve to vows of now fully reopening without a COVID-19 vaccine.

In further remarks, Hackel censured the Michigan governor for her six-phase reopening plan. The Macomb County Democrat explained that he’s “unimpressed” with it and that he’s received phone calls from business owners who are confused by the plan and eager to reopen. Finally, Hackel questioned precisely what numbers, data, and percentages Gov. Whitmer is using to make these calls.

What do you think of the Macomb County Democrat’s take on Whitmer’s shutdown? Do you think the Michigan Supreme Court will intervene and block the governor’s ongoing safer-at-home order? Let us know in the comments section below!