Major US Military Base Celebrates ‘Diversity’ With Drag Queen Show

The challenges the United States is currently facing globally are no joking matter.

For one thing, there is obviously Russia’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. That war is grinding on, amid catastrophic military and civilian losses, as well as an interruption to the global food supply chain.

Then, more broadly, you have the geopolitical specter of China looming over all of us. Beijing is very worked up about Taiwan and is saber-rattling over a potential visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, even threatening to shoot her out of the sky.

This is no time to be joking around. Our force posture must be at full readiness and optimization. We can’t afford mistakes.

Though instead, the US military is hosting drag shows on base. Yes, seriously.

Welcome to Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Joint Base Langley Eustis is located near Newport News, Virginia. It is an important military hub combining army and air capability. On Saturday, it held a special event: a Diversity Festival!

Because what our military needs to focus more on is making people feel nice, bright colors, and focusing on the sexual habits of its members. Didn’t you know?

The festival included many theatric events about “inclusion,” which basically means rainbow flags and talking about feelings and sexual habits. It also included a show from US Navy Member Joshua Kelley.

OK, so now you’re thinking this sounds more like it. Did Kelley talk about his experiences in the Navy or how to tie knots for the kids or something?

Don’t be crazy! He did what he’s most passionate about: he dressed up like a woman and did a drag show. He even has a stage name: Harpy Daniels. He also mainly joined the USN in order to pursue his drag career.

Come on now, it’s 2022: did you think he wanted to “serve his country” or some neolithic thing like that?

Meet Harpy Daniels

Kelley, or “Harpy Daniels” is a yeoman third class in the US Navy. He says drag is his “number one” interest, but it was costing a lot. Therefore, he joined the Navy to pay his way through the various equipment and gear.

The thing he likes most about drag? Getting in touch with his “feminine side” and celebrating “diversity.”

Kelley’s social pages show him nude and simulating sex acts. The show was for all ages, which is part of a growing and disturbing trend in this country.

What’s even less clear is why it’s getting a spotlight in the US military and why our service branches have suddenly decided to go so woke.

This has nothing to do with judging people’s personal preferences and everything to do with judging why it has a place being promoted to our kids and in our military.

Dragging It Out?

How long before we launch a drag queen army? We can show up in Beijing full of the hottest drag queens ever assembled.

China will be so awed by the marvelous and fantastic show that they will lay down their guns.

We thought we needed strategy and willpower to win wars, but it turns out all we needed to do was get more in touch with our feminine side as a country! You learn something every day!

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.