Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Election Theft’ Video Sparks Calls for Action

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has ignited a storm of controversy with her latest move: sharing a video to Twitter that claims the 2020 presidential election was taken through widespread voter fraud and “opportunistic” use of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The explosive message is sure to draw attention, as it challenges the integrity of one of America’s most closely watched processes.

Video About “How to Steal an Election” Posted

On Saturday, new House of Representatives Oversight Committee Member Greene made a bold statement with her decision to share the video “How to steal an election,” which quickly gained traction on social media.

A shocking video has surfaced, alleging a massive plot to take away the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump.

The one-minute clip claims that media giants, technology companies, and members of the Democrat Party were all involved in stealing this historic victory for President Joe Biden. If accurate, these allegations could bring significant political upheaval at home and abroad!

Despite claims from the former president and his allies that the election had been “stolen” through voter fraud, those allegations were debunked by a bipartisan coalition of state officials and judicial rulings.

In a move to share his message, Greene has brought forth an old video from September 2021 in order to engage the public. The content originates from; a platform designed for creating and refining videos alike.

As 2020 began, the U.S. was hit with an imported virus that would become a major global health crisis: COVID-19.

Viral Video Suggested COVID-19 Used as an Instrument

A viral video released by a prominent political commentator suggests COVID-19 is being used as an instrument of blame against the president and to shut down small businesses, potentially impacting economic stability.

The narrator further encourages mail-in voting along with stoking racial tension through calls for riots.

Mail-in voting sparks vivid memories of John Carpenter’s iconic sci-fi classic, They Live. Meanwhile, footage from a burning car serves as a reminder that riots have been increasingly associated with this election season.

As the election looms, a video has resurfaced that takes aim at former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who recently left the party to pursue independent political paths.

The video firmly places its focus on Biden’s candidacy and advises viewers: “Pick a candidate… just not her.”

Despite entering this race with great ambition and garnering much public attention early on in 2020, Gabbard ultimately exited Democratic primary polls by March of last year before offering her endorsement to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in the polls may be a facade. Recent investigations have suggested that voting machines across key swing states were hacked by malicious software and illegally stuffed with ballots not favoring former President Trump.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.