Mass 911 Outages Trigger Public Concern

"Vermont National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Despite the surge of anti-police sentiment coming from the left these days, most Americans understand the importance of law enforcement in communities. Ironically, as people call to defund the police also riot and loot cities, they’re actually showing the nation why funding for law enforcement is so important.

The left doesn’t like to acknowledge this, but there are direct, undisputed connections between defunding law enforcement and seeing massive increases in crime; look no further than New York City. Crime has skyrocketed since the Democrat mayor reduced funding to the local police department.


Yesterday marked another reminder of just how important policing and police funding actually is. On Monday, multiple areas across the country experienced mass 911 outages, thus prompting concern from the public, according to sources.

Reviewing the Temporary Loss of Access to 911 Services

Americans in Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona reported failures in access to 911 services. The outages lasted for approximately one hour and 15 minutes, beginning at 7:00 PM.

Right now, investigations are still present to determine exactly what prompted the aforementioned interruptions. One running theory is that an error with Microsoft’s system ultimately caused the temporary loss of access to 911. Telecommunications companies, such as CenturyLink, are also investigating the cause of shutdowns.

During the temporary 911 interruptions, Americans in impacted areas were advised to call alternate numbers in the event of a demand for emergency services.

What Are the Running Theories About Yesterday’s 911 Outages?

Many Americans were taken aback by the brief loss of ability to call 911. Taking to social media, some folks warned that the temporary outage will become permanent if Democrats achieve their goals of defunding and abolishing the police.

Others theorized that the 911 outages were the results of cybersecurity attacks or attempted attacks against cybersecurity. With this theory comes the concern that more 911 outages may happen, especially since the source for the latest one has yet to be confirmed.

The 911 outages arrive as the nation debates about the dangers of defunding the police. President Trump’s re-election campaign has put out several ads that highlight the danger Americans would face without access to 911 and funded, functional police departments.

Were you in an area that was impacted by temporary 911 outages on Monday? What do you think caused these interruptions? We want to know all of your thoughts and theories down below in the comments section.