Entire Russian Battalion Tactical Group Destroyed By Ukraine

According to the UK Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian troops fighting Vladimir Putin’s military in eastern Ukraine smashed a “substantial” number of Russian military vehicles.

This followed a failed effort by the occupying armies to bridge a river.

The Evidence is Clear

The statement came after Ukraine posted photos, purporting to show more than two dozen burned-out Russian tanks and other armored vehicles strewn along the shores of the Siverskyi Donets River.

Partially collapsed pontoon bridges appear in one of the photographs.

“Images show Russia lost substantial armored maneuver units of at least one Battalions Tactical Group.”

“Russia also lost the deployable pontoon bridge equipment during the passage of the Siverskyi Donets waterway west of Severodonetsk,” the Ministry wrote in a recent tweet.

“Trying to conduct river crossings in a hostile atmosphere is a highly risky action,” the Ministry continued, “and reflects the pressure Russian troops are under to make headway in their actions in eastern Ukraine.”

“Despite consolidating forces in this region after retreating and reassigning units from the Kyiv, as well as Chernihiv Oblasts,” it found, “Russian forces have failed to make any meaningful breakthroughs.”

“Artillery units of the 17th tank unit of the #UAarmy have inaugurated the vacation season for the Russian army,” according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, as “some swam in the Siverskyi Donets River, while some were scorched by the May heat.”

The UK Ministry of Defence claimed yesterday that Russia’s withdrawal of soldiers from a Ukrainian territory they besieged at the start of the war demonstrates their “failure to conquer important Ukrainian cities.”

“Ukrainian forces are fighting to retaliate to the north of Kharkiv, retaking many settlements along the Russian border,” the Ministry said in an intel statement.

“Despite the early success in surrounding Kharkiv, Russia has allegedly withdrawn troops from the region in order to reorganize and replace its forces following serious losses,” the Ministry noted.

War Crimes

On Friday, the very first soldier charged with war crimes during the assault on Ukraine went on trial.

Vadim Shishimarin, 26, was arrested in Chupakhivka, Ukraine, for the killing of a 62-year-old citizen. He is the first Russian military personnel to face charges in Ukraine since such an invasion started.

According to accounts, Shyshimarin said of the fatal February encounter, “I was told to shoot. I fired an [round] at that man. He falls. We kept moving forward.”

According to sources, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova declared Wednesday the first Russian fighter would be tried for the killing of a citizen in Ukraine’s Sumy area.

The insurgent was recognized as Shishimarin after the prosecutor general announced the case on social media. Shishimarin might receive a life sentence if convicted.

The House of Representatives has approved a plan worth roughly $40 billion to aid Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

The package, which covers military, financial, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, passed 368 to 57 in the House. The bill received no Democratic opposition.