Massive Win for American Travelers Against Biden’s Restrictions

Due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s move to scale back Title 42, the Family Research Council Action is asserting in an ongoing case that President Biden’s “fascist” air travel mask requirement is “no longer needed.”

The Details

Title 42, which was initially enacted by previous President Trump, gives federal immigration officers the broad ability to rapidly return border jumpers and illegals to their home nations.

The CDC declared on April 1 that Title 42 will be phased out on May 23, despite Biden officials admitting that doing so will likely result in a surge of undocumented people and illegal aliens.

The policy adjustment might result in 500,000 people crossing the border each month, more than doubling the existing levels of illegal immigration.

President Biden has used the epidemic to “fundamentally alter America,” according to Ken Blackwell, who leads both the FRC, as well as the America First Policy Center.

“Biden and his Marxists have used COVID as a pretext to impose all kinds of dictatorial dictates, aiming to radically alter America,” Blackwell exclusively told Breitbart News.

“One such illegal excess is the mask mandate. We trust that the courts will uphold the rule of law by putting an end to this irrational and unjust power grab.”

The CDC’s blatant attempt to allow undocumented migrants to move freely over the country’s border is part of a bigger complaint filed by FRC Action against Biden and other medical and transport organizations.

On March 23, the powerful D.C. law firm Schaerr-Jaffe filed a case in the Northern District of Texas, claiming Biden’s mask requirement for air travel is unconstitutional under the Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act, since it is “arbitrary, capricious,” and unsupported by science.

The mandate was due to expire on March 18, but the Biden government prolonged it until April 18 without giving fresh, science-based justifications, or a guarantee that it would not be extended again.

Masks Don’t Work

According to the lawsuit, “there is no apparent link between wearing masks and delaying the spread of COVID-19.” Commercial airplane air is among the “cleanest and safest of any place on earth.”

The lawsuit also mentions an “increasing body of scientific material” confirming the dangers of mask use, particularly among minors.

However, in a subsequent brief submitted on April 4, the law firm claims that the CDC’s rollback of Title 42 renders the mask mandate even more “arbitrary and capricious.”

The following is an excerpt from the brief:

“If the most recent science concludes that COVID-19 has become such a minor public health concern that Title 42 protections are no longer necessary, then this science supports the claim that the mask mandate is objectively unreasonable, at least for the time being.”

The brief cites various scientific inconsistencies between Biden’s mask mandate and the CDC’s justification for taking back Title 42 protections as evidence the Biden government is not implementing its mask requirement on scientific grounds.