Mayor Adams Puts Immigrants First and New Yorkers Second

"Subway Safety" by Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York has certainly seen better days. The city reverted to its pre-Giuliani state, with crime rates going through the roof and consumer prices staying at an all-time high, due to Bidenflation.

Much like the rest of the US, New Yorkers are also struggling to keep up with the red hot housing market, largely due to how rent increased by over 33% in the last year alone. This is almost two times the national average.

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams Hosts Inaugural Black History Month Event” by nycmayorsoffice

Amid NYC’s growing crime rates, Mayor Adams focuses on luxury housing for immigrants

Despite all of this, Mayor Adams, who looked promising at the start of his term, due to his history as a police officer, is now focusing on providing illegal aliens with the best housing money can buy.

Yet, he was extremely vocal about his displeasure with Abbott and DeSantis’ decision to send them to New York.

At the moment, Adams is finalizing a contract with a luxury Norwegian cruise line to have one of their high-end ships become housing for the illegals. This would have been fine, had the city’s homeless veterans and troubled youth already been taken care of.

The lease is said to be for at least six months; the ship will serve as a transit area for the migrants before they enter the city’s shelter system. However, many New Yorkers are concerned with how much this flashy move will cost the city.

According to Adams’ initial estimates, the luxury housing should cost less than erecting another large tent, similar to the ones to be put up in Bronx and Orchard Beach parking lots, but nobody is convinced that’s the case.

Millions rent a luxury cruise ship

Additionally, the citizens of New York were already displeased with Adams’ handling of the immigrant crisis in the self-proclaimed “sanctuary city,” with the main points of contention being the “tent cities” he plans to set up.

Each of the tent cities currently underway is set to house up to 1,000 adults who will be staying there for “only four days” before being placed into the shelter system, which everyone knows won’t be happening.

Many voiced their opinions on Twitter, criticizing the once-promising mayor for his out-of-touch actions; others wondered why anyone would rent out a high-end luxury cruiser to house illegal immigrants.

One look at the Norwegian ship can immediately tell you how absurd of a move this is. It’s extremely difficult to wrap your head around what Adams was thinking when he came up with this idea.

The city clearly has some funding issues, seeing how police are struggling to decrease growing violent crimes in the city; yet, Adams has completely different priorities, ones that don’t include New York or its inhabitants.

Next thing you know, we’ll be housing the illegals in the Ritz, each of them with their own presidential suite and a view thousands of New Yorkers could only ever dream of.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.