Mayor Eric Adams Has Failed to Handle Crime in New York City

New York City continues to make national headlines, albeit for horrible reasons.

Shocking stories on the news show various people in New York City being randomly attacked, sometimes by multiple individuals at the same time. Data shows that crime problems are rising, rather than waning.

This doesn’t bode well for New York City Mayor Eric Adams. When Adams campaigned, he said he’d use his prior experience as a police officer to get the community’s crime problems handled.

Instead, Adams has taken it upon himself to actually defund the police and allow good officers to be fired for not taking COVID-19 vaccines that don’t prevent illness or spread.

Rather than taking accountability and committing to doing better, the New York City mayor is making excuses and passing the buck, as documented by Fox News.

Adams’ Message on Crime in New York City

When the Democratic mayor sat down with FOX 5, his messaging about crime left much to be desired. Adams specifically said individuals should lower their chances of being victimized by not having earbuds in and avoiding being too engrossed in their phones.

Unfortunately, this is not a foolproof way to ensure safety. Furthermore, it distracts from Adams’ own broken promise to get ahold of crime.

Later during the same interview with FOX 5, the mayor of New York City alleged that more arrests of offenders targeting subways have taken place lately. Sadly, this too needs a lot more work.

As it stands today, millions of New Yorkers rely upon the subway for transportation. Yet, the subway continues to be a place that’s targeted by criminals.

Things have gotten so bad in New York City that some folks are randomly attacked by completely unprovoked strangers. All things considered, the city could definitely use the police officers whom Adams fired for not taking COVID-19 shots.

The Moral of the Story

So long as Democrats are running the show in New York City, crime will continue to be part of everyday life. When Bill de Blasio was the mayor of the city, lawlessness ran the show with criminals feeling more emboldened than ever.

New Yorkers, come the next election, will have to determine if they want to elect another Democratic mayor or vote for a Republican who is serious about stopping crime.

Across the country, Democrats have racked up consistently terrible track records when it comes to handling crime. Continuing to vote for Democrats in spite of their history is a death sentence for any community.

What do you think about Mayor Eric Adams’ reaction to crime happening in his own community? How much worse do you think lawlessness in New York City will get? You’re more than welcome to let us know your views in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.