McCarthy Announces IRS Funding Will Be Cut by Billions

The House finalized a vote on McCarthy’s decision to cut the IRS’ funding this week on Monday, preventing the agency from hiring thousands of additional agents through the Inflation Reduction Act.

What this means is the average American will remain somewhat safe from tax audits, while also keeping the Internal Revenue Service at its current size.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act takes a hit

However, the billions rescinded from the funding the agency was set to receive didn’t include the funding that was meant for customer service and necessary improvements to the agency’s IT services and operations.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which has already proven to be as ineffective as they come, was supposed to grant $80 billion to the IRS over the coming 10 years, half of which was intended to go towards stopping tax evasion.

However, what the administration failed to comprehend was this would only have an impact on lower-income Americans, which were already struggling with their taxes; whereas the elites wouldn’t even feel it.

Before the vote, Representative Adrian Smith spoke up on the now-rescinded funding plan, claiming a bloated IRS and additional audits are the last things American people need on their plate right now.

What’s more, the additional 87,000 agents and the audits that would follow would only generate funds that Democrats would spend on their Green New Deal priorities.

McCarthy presses onward

The Congressional Budget Office released some data on the bill, revealing the overall debt would increase by $114 billion over the next decade.

Biden and the Democratic Congress already confirmed 90% of the audits would target lower-to-middle-class families and small businesses, demonstrating how far they’re willing to go to fund their vanity projects.

The Democrat elites will continue supporting projects for electric buses and paying for their lavish private jet trips; the rest of us will be paying for it.

It was no secret that Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act was a failure from the start, but with the amount of damage it will do to this country and its people, it’s downright baffling how it was even passed.

However, McCarthy becoming House Speaker was the change we needed to help get this country back on track; he’s already delivering on his promises, unlike the Democrats before him.

In fact, McCarthy vowed to protect the American people from the IRS before the midterm elections even started and trusting him has clearly paid off.

The government is supposed to help you to the full extent of its power, not use your money for its own selfish agendas.

Unfortunately, the $80 billion the IRS was set to receive are only part of Biden’s infamous act. McCarthy has his work cut out for him if he’s planning to drag the US out of the ditch the left dug for it.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.