McCarthy Fails to Take Pelosi’s Spot Once Again

After what turned out to be six rounds of voting without a final pick for the Republican House Speaker, the entirety of Congress sided with Democrat Representative Sara Jacobs.

Namely, she posted a picture holding a child, with the caption saying that she feels the House is run by a bunch of toddlers.

Boebert nominates Byron Donalds as an alternative candidate for House Speaker

However, it’s more than likely that other matters were also at hand, as a group of rebels within the GOP itself has been halting McCarthy’s progress.

They were soon named the “Taliban 20” for allowing the Speaker chair to remain empty for as long as it did. Additional arguments on the House floor arose when GOP members started getting into arguments over Democrats drinking and eating during voting sessions.

So far, McCarthy has been unable to obtain the 218 votes necessary for him to take Pelosi’s spot; after the sixth vote had failed, House was adjourned until Wednesday night.

If that wasn’t enough, Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert called on Trump to withdraw McCarthy from the race, claiming her nominee, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, would be a much more suitable candidate.

The Democrats didn’t try to hide their emotions as chaos broke out among the GOP’s ranks. Rep. Kat Cammack shed heavy criticism on the Democrat Party for reveling in division among the Republicans.

Alcohol and popcorn on the House floor

Typical to her behavior, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez had a thing or two to say about Cammack’s remarks, claiming if Democrats drank every time McCarthy lost a Republican they’d all be rolling on the floor by now.

Of course, she didn’t try to hide the fact that Democrats were bringing in tins of popcorn and taking pictures for Twitter as the Republicans argued on the House floor.

Trump’s last-minute warning he sent out on Truth Social didn’t seem to do much, despite him urging the GOP not to turn a great triumph into an embarrassing defeat.

After yet another series of votes against McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at the rebels within the GOP, stating the “Never Kevin” group is just shuffling candidates with no real plan.

At the moment, McCarthy can only afford to lose four more votes and still be able to win, and that’s only if all the Democrats vote for Jeffries. The only other way he’s winning is if a certain amount of Democrats switch their vote to “present.”

One of McCarthy’s allies, Mike Rogers, likened the rebel group to terrorists, assuring there will be no negotiations with them.

We can only wait until Wednesday to see how the vote will turn out, but the fact still remains that McCarthy is the best choice for the minority groups; that’s precisely why the Democrats are refusing to let him win.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.