McCarthy Puts Biden on Blast for Ignoring China’s Approach to Lockdowns

House Minority Leader and soon-to-be House Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn’t go easy on Biden this time around, criticizing the president for turning a blind eye to the oppressive regime in China while the government imposes even more lockdowns.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping was known for his iron-fist rule and authoritarian regime, the oppression has spiraled out of control. Over two years later after the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the country is still under severe control.

Chinese anti-lockdown protesters risking their lives

The lockdowns have become even stricter than before.

Chinese people have had enough, taking to the streets to protest; if you’re ever so slightly familiar with how protests go in the Middle Kingdom, you know things aren’t going well.

The protesters fighting for their basic rights are being lauded on the streets. Instead of taking their side, as the left did with the oppressed Uyghur people, everyone, Biden and the Democratic elites included, is turning a blind eye to it.

McCarthy touched on the matter on his official Twitter profile, reassuring that the Chinese Communist Party imprisoned its own people with recent lockdowns and thousands are dying because of it.

Now that people have finally stood up for themselves, more bravely than ever before, Biden is choosing not to use the power he’s been given, shrugging it off instead, likely because it’s not in his best interest to anger the Chinese communist leaders.

Biden is compromised by the Chinese

Unfortunately, none of this is exactly “news.” Tensions have been growing in the country for months on end over the CCP’s “zero COVID” policies, which were put in place almost two years ago when the pandemic was in full swing.

Despite the fact the virus has pretty much lost all of the inertia it had at the start, the CCP chose to rectify, rather than eliminate, the policies, prompting a wave of protests all across the country this weekend.

The brave Chinese people are demanding an end to the irrational abuse of house arrest for the containment of the virus.

Things are only made worse by the recent “discovery” of certain strains of the virus that cause the infected not to suffer from any symptoms of the disease, turning this whole COVID-19 thing into a wild goose chase that won’t see an end.

It’s more than likely that Biden’s refusal to address this issue has something to do with his ties to major Chinese companies, which he gained through shady deals his son Hunter secured; although it’s yet to be confirmed whether Biden was involved personally.

Senator Ron Johnson accused Biden of being highly compromised earlier this month, referring to the Justice Department’s supposed effort to combat Chinese economic espionage, as if our economy under Biden is one to take note of.

The protests in China are bound to continue; if history chooses to repeat itself, as it often does, this spells disaster for the brave Chinese people who stood up to their oppressive ruler.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.