McConnell Betrays Conservatives and Sides With Bidens Budget

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Minority Leader, is no longer in control of the GOP Senate; he demonstrated on Tuesday that he is unfit to lead the resistance to the liberals’ progressive agenda for the nation.

He was one of 19 Republicans who voted for the $1.2 trillion development “deal,” allowing President Joe Biden’s radical ideas to pass the Senate once the filibuster was lifted.

Conservatives got nothing at all in exchange for allowing Biden to restructure the nation’s economy and proclaim a nonpartisan victory.

Not a Cent for the Border Wall

The infrastructure plan does not include a border wall, which cost would be a rounding error in the overall plan. Millions of migrants continue to flow across the Mexican border, necessitating the construction of the wall.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) presented an amendment directing a small $1 billion toward the wall’s construction. However, McConnell agreed to a procedure that prevented Republicans from amending the bill at all.

Does the Budget Actually Inlude Anything Useful?

The bill does not include the Keystone XL pipeline. Instead, Biden is offering electric cars, as he promised in 2009 when he directed Fisker’s electric car manufacturing to his native state of Delaware as part of the stimulus package.

Fisker went bankrupt after losing hundreds of millions of dollars and failing to create any automobiles in the United States. Now, Biden is performing the same partisan politics, helping the union enterprises but omitting Tesla, the market leader, which is non-union.

Despite the fact that the bill mentions water systems, there is no mention of large storing water, despite the fact that the West is experiencing a drought.

The law contains a new type of race prejudice known as “digital equity,” which is the Biden government’s recent effort to allocate government funding on political lines, a strategy that has already been challenged in court.

With special provisions for false “Buy American” rules, the law also aids China is stealing American jobs. Maybe the bill could have been justified if it genuinely increased economic development.

However, an independent assessment determined that the bill would have “no substantial impact” on productivity expansion in the next ten years, let alone the following thirty.

The Budget Office notified lawmakers that the plan will add $256 billion to the deficits, despite pledges that this would be completely paid for. That’s a quarter-trillion dollars added to the ever-increasing inflation problem for no discernible advantage.

Conservatives promised their supporters that the $1.2 trillion bills would dissuade Democrats from using the “reconciliation” procedure to approve a $3.5 trillion spending plan.

That bill is based partly on the extreme “Green New Deal,” and it contains a slew of new social benefits. Asylum for some undocumented immigrants, such as the so-called “Dreamers,” could be included.