McConnell Urges Pelosi to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate

This week, lawmakers returned to Congress; from the onset of arrival, impeachment proceedings dominated the energy and conversations in Washington.

For weeks now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declined to send over articles to the Senate; this not only raised questions about whether or not Trump was truly “impeached,” but moreover proves that Democrats are simply playing politics.

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Mitch McConnell by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Mitch McConnell” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shared new remarks about the state of impeachment proceedings and current plans of the Senate. McConnell explained that senators will continue conducting “ordinary business.” The Senate Majority Leader also pointed out that their chamber won’t be able to conduct a trial until Pelosi hands over articles of impeachment.

The House Speaker still has yet to indicate that she ever plans to turn over the articles.

A Closer Review of McConnell’s Statements on the Senate Floor

The Senate Majority Leader slammed House Democrats’ sham impeachment as a “slapdash investigation” which failed to yield their desired results. McConnell also made clear that the inaction of the House won’t adversely impact the Senate or stop them from conducting business as usual. These statements come as Democrats in the House attempt to make demands on how the Senate should conduct a trial.

Shortly thereafter, McConnell pointed out that the Senate can’t hold a trial before the House Speaker does her job and transfers impeachment articles.

Throughout his remarks on the floor, McConnell also drew significant attention to Trump Derangement Syndrome and the manner in which it has infected the Democrat Party. The Senate Majority Leader furthermore explained to his colleagues that the partisan weaponization of impeachment goes directly against the wishes of America’s founding fathers.

Where Do the American People Stand?

According to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris survey, 58% of Americans believe the House Speaker needs to hand over impeachment articles to the Senate. By contrast, only 42% of people in this country are supportive of Pelosi’s current choice to hoard the articles.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Impeachment proceedings, as a whole, will certainly impact the trajectory of the 2020 presidential election. Since the inception of the proceedings, fewer and fewer Americans have supported the crusade to remove the president from office. The House’s own vote on the articles failed to engender a single GOP vote, but did prompt bipartisan opposition.

As Congressional Democrats continue to drag out this process, President Trump’s re-election campaign continues to prosper and rake in record amounts of capital.

What do you think about Mitch McConnell’s remarks on the Senate floor? Do you believe Speaker Pelosi will ever hand over the impeachment articles? Let us know in the comments section below!