Media Channels Turn a Blind Eye to Joe Targeting and Banning Reporters

Back when Trump was still president, it wasn’t uncommon to see him get involved in a heated argument with the press, often leading to reporters from certain outlets being prevented from attending his White House events.

Naturally, every left-leaning media channel decided to attack the former president over this sort of behavior, especially those he’d blacklisted after several less-than-pleasant encounters.

Grandpa Joe’s off his rocker

Outlets like The New York Times, Guardian, CNN, and even BBC were only some of the many that were outraged at being removed from all of Trump’s events. Many of them claimed he shouldn’t have the right to decide who covers him.

Many other journalists resonated with this statement. When Trump banned CNN’s Jim Acosta from his events, the network claimed it would result in a chilling effect for any journalist covering an elected official.

After that, it didn’t take long for the rest of the media channels to join in on the criticism and even the White House Correspondents Association President agreed with CNN.

That being said, Joe’s practically doing the same thing Trump was some years earlier. The media’s reaction is far from what anyone was expecting to see, especially since he’d also banned a number of reporters from his events.

Rules for thee, but not for me

Notably, Biden banned the New York Post from attending one of his events earlier this week when he was discussing the implementation of policies that would improve airlines’ ability to be “on time”.

This conference, with 50 seats available for the press, only hosted 30 reporters, meaning the New York Post was banned from attending, even though there was more than enough room to accommodate them.

Many are assuming this targeting from Joe is due to the outlet’s involvement in releasing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

This was brought back into relevance as the House GOP unveiled some never-before-seen information about the entire Biden family’s involvement in shady business deals with foreign businessmen and conglomerates.

To make matters worse, the White House released a statement after the briefing, claiming it was unclear why almost half of the reporters credentialed for the event didn’t show up.

The New York Post responded to this ridiculous remark by adding another two reporters were banned from the event, just for being associated with a TV outlet that’s closely related to some religious group.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.