Meloni: Ready to be Voted First Female Prime Minister of Italy

Giorgia Meloni, the head of the Brothers of Italy, declared she is prepared to serve as the first female prime minister of Italy, just one week prior to the country’s national election.

She said her highest concern as head of the Italian government will be to address the energy problem that’s increasing expenses for Italian consumers and companies.

The best strategy is to impose a European cap on gas prices, which are rising mostly as a result of speculations.

The other solution, according to Meloni, is the separation of gas prices from those of other power sources, she stated in a conversation with the newspaper Il Giornale.

Meloni Prioritizes Families

Putting Italian homes back in the center of political life and introducing systemic, long-term initiatives are among Meloni’s top priorities.

This comes along with employment generation and lowering taxes in order to turn around Italy’s demographic crisis after birth rates dropped to historic lows during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meloni Slams the Left For Misinformation

“Allow me to start by saying the left’s use of misinformation throughout this election campaign has risen to previously unheard-of heights.”

“The FDI and center-right have consistently voted in parliament to help Ukraine by every means, especially sanctions and the supply of arms,” Meloni said. “The facts repeatedly refute the Democratic Party’s false information.”


“The left and the feminists in our parliament do not accept the thought that a woman on the right could become prime minister,” Meloni said in reference to her potential role as Italy’s first female prime leader and their attitudes regarding her.

“On the right, success is based on merits; you can advance solely if you have proven your value and demonstrated your abilities on the field.”

“Additionally, a female prime minister would pave the way for the validation of women in Italy at all ranks. It would reinforce the importance of competence and worth,” the speaker continued.

The Democratic Party leader and Meloni’s primary opponent in this month’s election, Enrico Letta, announced over the weekend the vote this coming weekend will be the Italian version of the Brexit vote.

Letta pledged to oppose Meloni and her center-right partners, saying a Meloni administration would “divide Italy out from the remainder of Europe.” She said, “I will not give over this nation to Meloni.”

According to recent predictions, Meloni and her supporters, who include League leader Matteo Salvini and ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and his party Forza Italia, may win up to 60% of the votes in the Italian parliament.

Nevertheless, Meloni said in a discussion with Il Giornale that she was not prepared to prematurely claim victory, adding “the very last tells to the Italians and what concerns them will decide the real votes in the polls.”

The polls currently show the center-right is leading.