Mexico’s President Reacts to DeSantis Running For the White House

The 2024 presidential election significantly heated up after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis officially declared his candidacy. DeSantis announced that he’s running to be the leader of the Great American Comeback.

Furthermore, it is DeSantis’ view that our country doesn’t have to suffer from stagnation, defeat, and decline as we have in recent years.

Since the Florida governor announced, he’s also been giving various interviews, setting up events, and working to help voters get a clear sense of who he is.

In fact, DeSantis has been so effective that he’s even got the left-wing president of Mexico concerned, as reported by Red State.

A Strange Message

In Mexico, the nation has all sorts of serious issues, ranging from corruption to gangs and cartels dominating the southern border and other communities. López Obrador, the country’s leader, hasn’t taken any action in years to solve these problems.

However, the president of Mexico did take time during a recent speech to urge Hispanics against voting for DeSantis. López Obrador argued that the GOP Florida governor somehow poses a threat to migrants and isn’t deserving of the Hispanic vote.

In actuality, what DeSantis wants is a southern border that’s governed by the US rule of law. He doesn’t want the cartels running the show or the border to be void of any immigration law enforcement.

Completely Inappropriate

Many Americans have made the case that López Obrador should be more concerned about the problems facing his own country, rather than trying to police who Hispanic Americans choose to cast ballots for.

At the end of the day, Americans of all stripes and colors are able to recognize that what’s happening at the border is problematic. It needs to be fixed and reformed, regardless of what López Obrador says in front of a microphone.

Though this is not the Mexican president’s first time attacking Republicans who want to restore law and order at the southern border.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.