Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Busted Paying Off Chinese Communists

Michigan is a great American state with a lot of hardworking and patriotic folks. Sadly, the state has fallen to the Democratic government under the mismanagement of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The latest consequence of that is truly shocking. Whitmer has been busted for funding a Chinese Communist factory in her state’s industrial heartland.

Does This Woman Have No Shame?

Whitmer and the Democrats’ control of every branch of Michigan state are brazen. They don’t care about being exposed for their socialist sympathies and anti-American hate.

Most recently, Whitmer put through a massive $715 million deal to install a taxpayer-funded battery factory in Michigan that’s owned by a Chinese Communist Party company.

The plant will bring in Chinese workers right into America’s heartland. Whitmer wants to pay for that with the dollars from hardworking Michiganders. These people are truly sick and un-American.

Bill Already Passed

The bill to fund this $715 million dollar plant in Big Rapids has already passed the Democrat-held Michigan statehouse. There were actually more no votes than yes, but one of the votes for no was not counted as it wasn’t heard.

Michigan’s Speaker Laurie Pohutsky fast-tracked the vote so it would be certified without a review period.

The battery plant is going to be run by Gotion, a company based in Fremont, California that is a subsidiary of a Chinese Communist holding company. The company has a condition of bringing in Chinese nationals to work in the plant, so this won’t even create American jobs.

The idea of Americans funding a subsidiary of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party is insane, but that’s the world the Democrats have brought us into in 2023.

The Bottom Line

Gretchen Whitmer isn’t the only problem. She and her World Economic Forum friends are just one symptom of the problem, which is globalism and its plot against America.

It’s key for patriots and conservatives to be aware of what’s going on and just how rapidly things are escalating.

This is far from some random mistake or oversight; it’s part of a calculated move to replace America and undermine it from the inside by a globalist shill.

All those who think like Whitmer have no place in any state government and need to face a federal investigation.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.