Mike Pence Sets the Record Straight over Afghanistan


Former Vice President Mike Pence authored a thorough article for the Wall Street Journal to describe how the situation turned catastrophically wrong; this came after openly chastising President Joe Biden for his bungled pullout in Afghanistan over the week.

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Biden Broke the Deal, Setting off the Taliban Campaign

Mike Pence contended in his post that Joe Biden destroyed the Trump government’s pact with the insurgents, resulting in an international disgrace beyond anything the United States has faced since the Iran hostage crisis.

Thus, according to Pence, the Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban in which the US agreed to pull back from the territory in a planned manner in return for an end to all threats on US Army members, an end to supplying jihadist safe haven, and the start of talks with the Afghan government.

The Afghan government, as well as the Taliban, both maintained their own territory at the time Trump finished his term; they were not conducting significant offensive operations and America would have only 2,500 troops deployed, the lowest troop force since the war started in 2001, Pence said.

Pence argued that the prospect of the United States military might (as demonstrated by the assassinations of Iranian general Soleimani in Iraq and Abu Bakr Al, the ISIS leader in Syria) was sufficient to prevent the Taliban from violating the deal. That all came to a stop, he claimed, when Biden was elected president.

There Was No Plan to Save American Equipment from Taliban Hands

After Biden was elected president, he swiftly stated that US troops would stay in Afghanistan for another four months, despite the lack of a compelling rationale. There has been no plan in place to transfer the billions in American hardware captured by the insurgents.

There is also no plan to remove the thousands of Americans fleeing Kabul, or to enable the geographic relocation of the multitudes of Afghan refugees who will now actively seek refugee status with little or no screening. Rather, it appears that the administration just did not want to seem to be adhering to the conditions of a deal that his predecessors had struck.

The insurgents launched a military onslaught against the now gone Afghan government after Biden breached the accord, seizing Kabul. They were well aware that under this administration, there was no genuine threat of retaliation.

They’ve watched him pander to anti-Semitic terror organizations like Hamas, return huge amounts of money in funding to the Palestinian leadership, and stand by as scores of missiles were fired at Israeli people earlier this year.

While Pence acknowledged that American forces fought to return home after 20 years of combat, he reiterated former President Trump’s remarks that the pullout procedure was badly bungled, causing the US great embarrassment.

Pence’s WSJ op-ed comes after a Saturday comment in which he claimed the Biden government’s pullout dishonored Americans who fought and died in Afghanistan.