Military Intelligence Official Sounds the Alarm

In the wake of Trump’s indictment just last week, Americans everywhere have weighed in with their reactions. Many believe the indictment is a witch hunt and a display of political persecution, whereas others believe it’s warranted and in good standing.

Trump, his relatives, and his supporters have taken to social media and the press to sound the alarm about the indictment. Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, who is leading this indictment, has also been accused of cherry-picking the law and otherwise playing games.

Now, military intelligence official Rebekah Koffler is weighing in with her thoughts about the Trump indictment, according to CNS News.

Koffler on the Trump Indictment

According to the military intelligence official, the indictment of the former president is a “destabilization” of America itself. Koffler emphasized that what Bragg is doing is essentially taking a page out of the book of Russian President Putin.

Likewise, Koffler told the media “KGB tactics” that resemble those used in Iran, Russia, and China are presently being employed here in the United States. She also warned that America’s “infighting” is keeping the country from focusing on serious “external threats.”

More to Come

During Trump’s arraignment later in the week, he’s expected to be fingerprinted and given a mugshot. However, it’s unlikely that the former president will be handcuffed by law enforcement, given that he’s expected to willingly turn himself over.

Authorities, at this time, are rumored to be discussing the logistics with Secret Service assigned to Trump.

The next several days will provide more insight into the Trump indictment for sure. Americans will also learn whether or not the former president is facing additional charges and if more indictments from other outstanding cases are heading his way.

Meanwhile, numerous Trump supporters have expressed their concurrence with the warnings put out by Koffler.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.