More Than 100 Million U.S. Adults Now Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

"Glass Bottle with Sars-Covid-19 Vaccine" (CC BY 2.0) by ShebleyCL

During 2021, Americans have seen a considerable increase in the rate of people being vaccinated against coronavirus.

This snowball effect extends from the work former President Trump did last year on getting Operation Warp Speed set in place. Without that, the Biden administration would not be able to boast about vaccination milestones being met this year.

“New York National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Earlier this week, America reached the milestone of 100 million adults who are completely immunized against COVID-19, as Washington Examiner reports.

The Latest on Vaccination Against COVID-19 in America

At this time, more than 100 million U.S. adults have received both of their shots against coronavirus. This means that almost four in ten adults here in the states are fully vaccinated.

When the COVID-19 vaccine first arrived, it was in pretty high demand. However, vaccination data shows that interest in receiving the vaccine has cooled down in recent weeks. The decline began last month with fewer Americans getting their second shots than their first shots. Some people have even declined their first shots altogether.

The Biden administration and other groups continue the campaign to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19. When Biden gave his speech before Congress last month, he boasted about the records of vaccination in America; however, the 46th president declined to point out that the current numbers we’re all seeing are due to work from Trump in 2020.

Biden’s Travel Ban

On Friday, Americans learned that President Biden will implement a travel ban against India, due to the state’s explosion of new coronavirus cases.

The decision of this president to implement a travel ban is pretty interesting and a bit ironic. Biden previously referred to travel bans as xenophobic on multiple occasions; he also railed against President Trump when Trump instated travel bans for America’s safety.

Since yesterday’s announcement, many conservatives have panned Biden’s double standards and hypocrisy as it pertains to travel bans. Amazingly, though, the same Democrats who railed against travel bans while Trump was president have no issue with Biden putting in place a travel ban of his own.

Biden’s White House hasn’t explained why it’s OK for them to implement travel bans, but not the Trump administration; however, the current president and his allies are working day and night to take credit for over 100 million vaccinated Americans.

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