Most Americans Don’t Favor Giving “Free” Healthcare to Illegal Aliens

Healthcare continues to reign as a trending topic throughout this 2020 presidential election. Democrats have very clearly articulated where they stand on this matter; if they’re not supportive of Medicare-for-All, then they want to restore Obamacare’s dreadful individual mandate and force Americans to purchase healthcare which has been proven to work poorly for many individuals.

Another pillar of the healthcare debate comes in talks of whether or not illegal aliens should be given free healthcare. Of course, nothing in this world is free and therefore, healthcare given to illegal aliens would come at the expense of American taxpayers. Despite claiming to be champions of the working and middle classes, Democrats don’t mind raising taxes and further incentivizing migrants to illegally enter the country.

However, a new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows that most Americans don’t favor giving free healthcare to illegal aliens.

A Specific Analysis of the Numbers

The data of the aforementioned poll found that only 36% of voters believe that supplying free healthcare to illegal aliens is a good idea. However, 64% of voters who will participate in the Democrat primary elections are supportive of this measure. Once again, this goes to show the stark divide between radically left-wing Democrats and the rest of Americans.

Previously conducted surveys also confirm the findings from the WSJ/NBC poll. 60%-63% of swing voters don’t favor free healthcare for illegal aliens; more than half of all voters in America are also against it.

Despite the very clear numbers regarding where this country stands on free healthcare for illegal aliens, most 2020 Democrats support th measure; it’s actually a key component of Medicare-for-All.

All of this demonstrates how different primary elections are from general elections. Warren and Sanders, both backers of Medicare-for-All, are doing relatively well in a primary which is largely comprised of radical left-wingers; the narrative will significantly change when the general election season rolls around. Democrats need much more than the progressive vote if they want to defeat President Trump.

Leftist Narratives vs. Reality

It’s very obvious that Americans are not collectively on board with the extremely far-left proposals of the Democrat Party. However, whenever candidates like Warren and Sanders are forced to defend their positions, they allege that the “majority” of people in the country favor programs like Medicare-for-All. This is simply not the case, but once again, the Democrats are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

Radicals don’t win presidential elections…ever.

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