Mueller Probe to be Released Today, Trump Weighs In

The details of the infamous Mueller probe are set to be released today. The conclusions which are made public are certainly likely to dominate headlines in the days and weeks to come.

While the details of the investigation are forthcoming, this has not stopped President Trump from weighing in on the matter, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing the Details

The findings of the controversial Russia investigation will certainly be talked about in America for quite some time. There is a lot of build-up surrounding these details and many people have their own thoughts on the probe. Despite news that President Trump will not face any indictments, Democrats are still hoping that the investigation’s findings will somehow implicate him in some type of wrongdoing.

Earlier this morning, the president posted a series of tweets which express his thoughts on the Mueller probe.

See for yourself:

News of the probe’s findings being made public are prompting a variety of reactions. While the Russia probe may be completed, Democrats are claiming that it’s only the beginning. Left-wing congress members still plan to raise inquiries about whether President Trump may have “obstructed justice” during the nearly two years in which Mueller’s investigation was underway.

Democrats’ Desire for Trump to be Guilty

The findings of the Mueller probe are not even completely public yet and Democrats are already looking for a new angle which they can use to stick it to Trump. The fact of the matter is that Democrats just want the president to be guilty of something; they can’t stand that he won the 2016 election fair and square.

Narratives on the left have gone from claiming that Trump colluded with Russia, to claiming that Trump has shady personal/business financial dealings and now to questioning whether or not he obstructed justice during the probe.

This is so transparent that anyone who refuses to see it simply has blinders on.


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