Musk Reveals More Government Censorship

Elon Musk, a self-proclaimed absolutist on free expression, acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October this year.

Musk Reveals Constitutional Violations

Since Musk’s purchase of the social media network, he has embarked on a battle to bring the site’s complex censorship procedures into the open.

Musk provided additional commentary on Tuesday, regarding the scope of government censorship.

We witnessed, with the publication of the most recent Twitter files, that the Biden administration exerted force on Twitter to de-platform users over COVID by suspending their accounts and deleting their content.

Taibbi asserted that CIA operators nearly always attended meetings between these firms and the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force.

It was explained that despite the fact this working group was created to combat alleged election meddling by foreign entities, it made tons of national moderation requests.

Obviously, this is a constitutional issue when the government suppresses expression. You may no longer simply refer to Twitter as a private firm when they operate at the behest of or in response to government influence.

Though, as we observed, the government was exerting pressure on more than simply Twitter.

Glenn Greenwald stressed that since exposing practically each significant tech company is complicit in the censorship, the “woke” mob attacked reporter Matt Taibbi and labeled him mentally ill for expressing his distress.

The left prefers to target the messenger and redirect attention away from the message itself. They do not want the majority of Americans to comprehend how ubiquitous repression has been and the level of government involvement.

Musk responded that the government was in frequent contact not only with Twitter, but with practically every major technology company.

Musk stated the majority of people do not recognize the importance of Matt’s point.

He went on to say the very social media firm engages in extensive censorship, with considerable state intervention and, at times, outright command. Google routinely removes links, for instance.

According to Greenwald, it was not only that they concurred with the Democratic storyline being propagated, but also that tech corporations were pressured to concur with the DHS/FBI/CIA exerting pressure.

This Needs to Stop

Despite the fact the veil has been lifted and the truth has been revealed, steps must be done to prevent this from happening again.

The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk demonstrates if you are sincerely devoted to bringing about change, you can achieve it.

It really shouldn’t be a political issue (though, obviously, it is) – everyone should be opposed to such restrictions and there are a variety of concerns regarding possible civil rights abuses.

Another fruitless congressional investigation is insufficient. The Republican Party could earn a great deal of trust from its supporters by concluding an inquiry and taking action in this instance.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.