Must Read! – Drama at the Woke Olympics

Simone Biles Is Back

Simone Biles said Monday that she is now adequately collected for a comeback to compete; this comes just over a week since withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics to concentrate on her psychological health.

According to the Associated Press, the 2016 Gold medalist will participate in the balance beam final on Tuesday, allowing her to resume her on-again, off-again Olympic journey.

We are ecstatic to announce that two American gymnasts, Suni Lee & Simone Biles, shall compete in the balance beam finals, USA Gymnastics stated.

Biles, who finished third on beam five years earlier in Rio de Janeiro, advanced for the eight-woman finals at the Ariake Gymnast Center on the opening weekend of the Olympics.

This four-time Olympian later revealed that she is suffering from “twisties,” an ailment in which gymnasts lose their ability to position themselves in mid-air.

Trans Weight Lifter

On Monday, Laurel Hubbard, a transgender athlete from New Zealand, failed to secure a single significant lift in the female’s +87kg lifting event at the Tokyo Olympics, falling out of the tournament.

Hubbard’s Olympics were cut short due to a failed attempt to raise 120 kg and several failed attempts at 125 kilograms in the snatch. On his second effort, Hubbard got the bar over his shoulders and appeared to gain credit for the 125 kg snatch.

The jury, however, decided that this would not be the case. He had another 125 kg effort, however; he strained to balance and collapsed the bar beneath him. Hubbard made a heart with his fingers and smiled at the spectators.

Hubbard moved on to congratulate New Zealand supporters, the citizens of Japan, and a variety of sports leagues, such as the Association of International Gymnasts and the New Zealand Olympic Association.

The Olympics (IOC) confirmed its complete backing of transgender individuals just days ahead of Hubbard’s contentious debut at the tournament; this came when medical officer Richard Budgett announced that trans women are females and should be involved in women’s sport wherever possible.

Canada Knocks Out the Woke US Women’s Soccer Team

After flying down to Canada early in the morning on Monday, the US women’s team will have no hope of winning gold in the Tokyo Olympics.

The 1-0 win was Canada’s first against their American neighbor since 2001. Canada beat the four-time Olympics women’s soccer winners in Kashima, reaching the final for the very first time, thanks to a penalty kick.

The victor of the late quarterfinal in Yokohama involving Sweden and Australia will now play Canada. The Olympic gold game will take place on Friday at Tokyo’s Olympic Park.

The much-touted United States squad was knocked out of the gold pursuit for the second season in a row at the Games. It was eliminated in the quarterfinal of the 2016 Olympics by Sweden.