Nashville Slammed for Hiding Low Coronavirus Case Numbers

"Nashville" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by PMillera4

Over the course of 2020, various sources and politicians have not hesitated to broadcast high cases and hospitalizations from COVID-19 from the rooftops. In doing so, these folks eagerly made the case that Americans must stay home, wear face masks, and keep six feet apart from others at all times.

However, as time passes, many Americans are coming to the realization that coronavirus mitigation strategies are more about social control, rather than health.


At this time, the city of Nashville, Tennessee is facing backlash for concealing low coronavirus case numbers, according to Fox News.

In hiding the true numbers of minimal COVID-19 cases, many restaurants and other businesses remained needlessly closed, thus furthering preventable economic turmoil for countless Tennesseans.

What to Know About Nashville’s Coverup

Yesterday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson held Nashville’s feet to the fire. The conservative commentator blasted “unforgivable” emails that show Nashville Mayor John Cooper (D) and the Nashville Health Department admitting that “only a very low number [of coronavirus] cases” are linked to local restaurants and bars.

The emails then go on to show a written agreement between Mayor Cooper’s office and the Nashville Health Department that the low COVID-19 cases wouldn’t be “publicly released.”

Carlson questioned this, challenging Americans to ask themselves why Nashville officials fear sharing the real numbers.

The Fox News host then explained that the more information people have about coronavirus and its numbers, the less likely they are to fear it; this, of course, does not bode well for people who seek to maintain power and control via fear.

Response from the Nashville Mayor

Since the exposure of emails between Mayor Cooper and the Nashville Health Department, the Democrat mayor has attempted to talk the nation out of believing what’s before our very eyes.

Taking to Twitter, the Nashville mayor alleged that the emails exposing his decision to keep low coronavirus case numbers hidden are a “fabricated story.” However, this quickly prompted responses from people noting that Cooper’s coverup is very much apparent in released emails.

Some Americans have stated that Nashville’s Democrat mayor ought to be removed from office and legally tried. Keeping local bars and restaurants shut down adversely impacted the livelihoods of many Nashville residents and now, the numbers confirm that these businesses could have reopened long ago.

What do you think about the Nashville mayor and Nashville Health Department conspiring to hide the low coronavirus case numbers associated with restaurants and bars? What should the consequences for this be? Let us know in the comments section below.