Nationwide Eviction Moratorium Extended Through June 2021

"CDC" (CC BY 2.0) by Raed Mansour

Many Americans are in crisis as a result of businesses shutting their doors and lockdowns being forced into place by the government.

As a result of this, economic turmoil is a hole that many members of the public are working to dig themselves out of. The problem, however, is that some folks are having a hard time either getting their jobs back or finding new employment.

“Agressió a la seu de CDC d’Horta – Guin” (CC BY 2.0) by Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya

This has led to a situation where many Americans are struggling to pay their rent dues and otherwise meet financial obligations. The eviction moratorium is therefore something that many Americans have come to rely upon.

According to Newsmax, America’s nationwide eviction moratorium was extended past the approaching deadline, as of this morning.

A Closer Look at the Eviction Moratorium Extension

Days ago, reports surfaced about the upcoming March 31 deadline for the eviction moratorium. Although an extension was not officially confirmed at the time, reports surfaced that the White House would not allow the eviction moratorium to expire.

As of this morning, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an extention for the eviction moratorium. This extention lasts through June 2021. Therefore, individuals who are eiligible for protections under this moratorium will be shielded from evictions stemming from an inability to pay rent.

The government has branded the nationwide eviction moratorium as a means to halt further cases of COVID-19. A fresh surge of evicted homeless individuals would undoubtedly lead to more crowded shelters, hence increasing the likelihood of more COVID-19 cases.

Reactions to the Extended Eviction Moratorium

Reactions to the extension of the nationwide eviction moratorium come in a mixed bag. Many Americans are relieved that their protections against eviction will not expire on Wednesday; however, others have pointed out that the current extension does not come along with heightened protections.

This morning, some Americans criticized the CDC director for failing to make the eviction moratorium even more effective. Some individuals also alleged that the moratorium, as it currently stands, permits loopholes that allow for some people to still face evictions.

Others opined that the eviction moratorium needs to be made stronger until Americans are no longer facing severe financial plights.

What do you think about today’s extension of the federal eviction moratorium? Let us know your thoughts about the CDC’s decision in the comments section down below.