Never Trumpers Fall Out of Favor with Democrats

"NY Statue of Liberty" (CC BY 2.0) by Celso Flores

Never Trump “conservatives” continue to remain a minority within the Republican Party.

The reality here is that the vast majority of conservatives in America support and back the president; meanwhile, Never Trumpers have attempted to make a name for themselves as the Republicans who oppose Trump, yet still believe in traditionally conservative values.


Thus far, this isn’t working out too well for the Rick Wilsons and George Conways of the “conservative” movement. True conservatives do not view Never Trumpers as legitimate and despite the best efforts of the Never Trump crowd, Democrats and progressives aren’t really embracing them either.

In fact, Breitbart News reports that the leftist crowd is actually rejecting and diminishing the Never Trumpers, just as these “conservatives” have done to the president and his supporters.

The Fall of the Never Trump Base

Some of the most notorious Never Trumpers are the McCain family, the Lincoln Project, George Conway, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Rick Wilson, etc. The Never Trump base, in their haste to oppose the president, went to the other side of the political spectrum and backed Democrats.

However, the support is far from mutual; in fact, Democrats like Linda Sarsour and House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are openly stating that Never Trumpers are not to be taken seriously. They also clearly view the Never Trump crowd as a liability to progressive goals; apparently, even the “conservatives” who hate the president are too right-wing for the radical left.

As Democrats double down on the media’s claim that Biden won the 2020 race, they are especially worried about Never Trump “conservatives” pulling Biden to the right, rather than to the left.

Conservatives vs. Never Trumpers

As Never Trumpers are given the boot by Democrats, they won’t have the GOP as a home to return to.

The Republican Party is not a monolith; however, there are also certain values that commonly align with Republicanism and conservatism. These are values that Never Trumpers have rejected; not only does the Never Trump crowd back and support Democrats, but they also share a disdain for Republicans who actually do back President Trump.

In a twisted sense of irony, the same contempt that Never Trumpers harbor for Trump and his supporters is the contempt that Democrats harbor for Never Trumpers; this creates a lose-lose scenario for the “conservatives” that have chosen to turn their backs on the Republican Party, while clinging to the label in name only.

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