New Border Numbers are Shocking

During the week, a DHS official told Fox News there were more than 200,000 immigrant interactions at the Mexico border in August. This marks the second month in a row the number has surpassed 200,000, as immigrants seek to enter the United States.

200k Per Month is Unsustainable

According to the report, there have been 208,887 contacts in August. While this is the first fall in migrant contacts under the Biden presidency (when they had been steadily increasing for months), it is only a 2% decrease from the nearly 212,000 interactions in July.

Furthermore, the 208,887 arrests in August reflect a 317% raise over the 50,014 captures in August 2020; it moreover shows a 233% increase in over 62,707 apprehensions in August 2019 throughout that year’s immigration crisis.

Single adults accounted for 49% of the encounters, down 7% from July. Title 42 public health safeguards (which were put into effect under the Trump administration and extended by the Biden government) were used to eject 44% of the interactions.

Under the order issued in response to COVID-19, the Biden government started dismissing single adults and some immigrant families, but not unaccompanied minors or migrant families with kids.

In August, there have been 18,847 interactions with unaccompanied minors, slightly down from July, and 86.487 interactions with family units, up 4% from July.

A CBP spokeswoman informed Fox News the agency does not share preliminary data until the August information is published on the agency’s website; this is something they indicated would happen in the coming weeks.

The Biden presidency has been under fire for its mismanagement of the immigration crisis. This is a matter which Republican opponents blamed on the government’s significant reversal of Trump-era initiatives, such as border fence building and the Migrant Protection Procedures (MPP).

Naturalize and Release

Biden has also restricted ICE’s internal focus and campaigned hard for the naturalization of undocumented immigrants already in the country. The administration likewise started releasing immigrants into the country.

They’re moreover screening UACs for sponsors who are already in the nation and discharging migrant families, which has enraged Republican governors and congressmembers.

The Biden government has retaliated, accusing the Trump administration of closing down lawful asylum routes while emphasizing the significance of fundamental problems in pushing migrants to emigrate to America. Such problems include poverty, violence, and bureaucracy in Central America.

DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the government intends to continue with its immigration strategy; this includes constructing safe, legal, and orderly avenues for migrants, enhancing processing, and pursuing traffickers, among other things.

When Mayorkas presented the July border data last month, he said they have a strategy; they’re also implementing their plan and it takes a lot of time. In an audio recording obtained by Fox News, Mayorkas also told Border Patrol agents that the present scenario is “unsupportable.”