New Concerns Emerge About Common Cold Following COVID

COVID had a very significant impact on our nation’s healthcare, trust in medical officials, and how people approach health-related issues.

Mitigation strategies designed to fight COVID also had drastic impacts on society, mental health, and the overall well-being of the American people.

However, what’s now getting more mainstream attention across the country is the common cold. More specifically, many Americans believe the common cold post-COVID varies from the common cold that people experienced before COVID emerged in late 2019.

To say this is causing some profound concerns would be an understatement, as documented by ABC News.

A Closer Look at the Present-Day Common Cold

Right now, there are multiple reports that the common cold has come back with a vengeance and is now putting people out of commission to a greater extent than before.

However, this new trend is also being attributed to certain precautionary measures taken at the height of COVID.

The temporary delay in exposure to the common cold, as well as an uptick in socialization and mingling with others, have each been cited as reasons why today’s common colds appear more severe than they did before.

With time, this could potentially wane. However, many people who find themselves struggling with the common cold today are in shock. Each person’s body will also have to adjust to modern changes that are different from where things were two or three years ago.

Reducing One’s Chances of Catching the Common Cold

Despite the seemingly more severe nature of the common cold, experts still have some thoughts on healthy precautions folks can take to put themselves less at risk.

Handwashing, taking steamy showers, and consuming regular intakes of fluids have been presented as steps people can utilize to protect themselves. Likewise, other actions, such as maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, are known to boost the immune system.

A stronger immune system is more capable of fighting off cold symptoms. This, too, can make a difference, especially when combined with other health precautions that have a stamp of approval from experts.

Generally, a lifestyle that’s more conducive to healthy living will reduce one’s chances of suffering from a more severe form of the common cold.

Though in the event that one does find themselves beginning to experience symptoms, taking medicine sooner rather than later can also go a long way towards fighting it off.

Given reports about the common cold, it remains to be seen if other similar medical issues emerge to a stronger degree than they did pre-COVID.

What do you think about reports that in the wake of COVID, the common cold is more severe than it was before 2020? You’re welcome to use the comments area below as your sounding board.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.