New Concerns Emerge Over Potential ISIS Attack

Upon taking office, Joe Biden has found himself facing a lot of backlash and scrutiny. Much of this deals with how the president consistently represents the United States on the world stage.

Many conservatives believe the president habitually projects weakness, therefore arousing evil in our enemies across the globe. There have even been some speculations that Biden’s foreign policy choices gave Russia comfort to invade Ukraine last year.

So far, there’s been no sign of Biden making any improvements on his foreign policy chops. However, fresh information from Fox News reveals that ISIS could very well be planning an attack against the United States within a relatively short time period.

On High Alert

It is the view of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) that within six months’ time, ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan could very well be able to launch attacks outside of the Middle East.

These potential attacks could very well extend to the United States or our allies. CENTCOM additionally warns that to prevent this from happening, over-the-horizon efforts are going to require more funding.

This troubling new development has materialized in spite of Biden previously swearing that ISIS wouldn’t gain enough power to target the United States.

Though the president was cautioned that this might not be the case, especially in the aftermath of how he pulled US troops from Afghanistan back in 2021.

Right now, America is already facing some very real challenges. Having to add potential onslaughts from ISIS into the equation is far from desirable.

More Trouble on the Horizon

Amid the latest news that ISIS may soon be gearing up to attack the United States, our country’s own southern border still remains in shambles.

Right now, this has become such a problem that American citizens are losing their lives at the hands of Mexican cartels and drugs being shipped into our country from Mexico.

Biden hasn’t shown the fortitude, thus far, to stand up to the Mexican president and demand action in cracking down on cartels, gangs, and drug trafficking. In fact, Mexico’s president recently targeted GOP lawmakers who criticized the rise of the gangs.

This, once again, was an opportunity for Biden to show strength and defend America on the world stage. In keeping with previous patterns, the president missed the mark and our country isn’t any better off for it.

Now, time will determine how the Biden administration deals with the rising threat of ISIS and its potential to attack nations outside of Afghanistan.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.