New Congressional Committee Will Investigate Big Tech Censorship

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is a leading conservative who doesn’t back down.

News is now breaking that Jordan will be heading up a committee to investigate how the government used and pressured social media to control or influence information and elections.

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk released the Twitter Files in December of last year, exposing how the US government and federal agencies worked closely with Twitter to get former President Trump banned and crack down on conservative accounts.

Now, these censorship-slinging communists will finally have to face the music.

Holding Government Censors Accountable

The new committee will be about the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Jordan will be heading it up.

It’s happening because Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants the votes to get re-elected and to do that, he needs to appeal to actual conservatives in the Republican Party, instead of just RINOs.

Well, guess what, actual conservatives want answers about the Soviet-style insanity that’s been happening over the past few years. In particular, they want to know how Biden and his feds were working with Twitter to shut down speech they didn’t like.

Jordan has backed McCarthy. He will get rewarded by being in charge of this committee to investigate big tech and how it shut down defenders of Trump, COVID “vaccine” critics, and those who didn’t agree with lockdowns or Dr. Fauci.

Love him or hate him, there’s no doubt this is all mainly happening thanks to Elon Musk’s disclosure of the Twitter Files.

How Will It Work?

First up, this committee is going to issue subpoenas, demand documents, and do whatever it takes to look into how agencies like the FBI and DOJ worked with Twitter and others to shut down dissent.

They will also dig into why the false allegations against Trump regarding Russia were pushed so heavily in the media and allowed to gain traction via social media, possibly with the assistance of federal input.

Those who criticized masks, the “vaccine” and more were often kicked off Twitter, Facebook, and more, including prominent scientists and researchers.

They also plan to look into the federal attempt to make a Disinformation Board, which was going to control what information people were allowed to access and believe.

This committee is going to find out what government agencies and individuals were behind that, including Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The Bottom Line

There is certainly a lot of dirt to uncover here. There’s no doubt we’ve only seen the beginning of the wickedness that big tech has perpetrated on the American people.

Now, the hour is coming.

The far left is about to finally be held to account. Maybe this incoming session of Congress will manage to actually get something down and hold these people accountable.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.