New COVID Numbers are Not Adding Up

Notwithstanding mask laws and suggestions to minimize the transmission of the illness, California’s coronavirus rate is twice that of Florida’s.

When questioned about why Californians aren’t “going to reap the greater reward for their compliance with health guidelines,” Ali H. Mokdad (professor of medicine measurement sciences at the University of Washington) said to the Mercury News, “you’re paying for their achievement, which is odd.”

Numbers are rising

“You were able to contain the virus, but now you’re getting illnesses.” Infections in California seem to be no longer declining, according to the source.

The frequency of viral transmission first from the delta version reaches the red “high” level set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, southern states, including Texas and Florida, are in the CDC’s orange “significant” infection classification; these state officials do not implement face mask rules or support other tough requirements.

Although California has greater vaccination coverage than places like Texas and Florida, the epidemics have continued. 62% of California’s population is completely vaccinated, compared to 60% in Florida and 54% in Texas.

The year before, Gov. Gavin Newsom (as well as other California authorities) enacted some of the most stringent coronavirus safeguards in the country, which will be in effect through 2021.

Indoor mask restrictions have been reimposed in the Bay Area, with officials saying they won’t be lifted until the area drops underneath the CDC’s orange “substantial” transmission level for several weeks or more.

According to the source, most of the Bay Area cities are in the orange category, with the exception of San Francisco, which is in the yellow zone.

Because of the state’s greater vaccination coverage, there were fewer occurrences of the delta variant this year. Those who aren’t inoculated, but recovered from the virus, now have resistance, according to the source, and infection is spreading more slowly.

The high vaccination rates make no difference

Dr. Bob Watcher, chair of the clinical program at the University of California-San Francisco, remarked, “These places are now partly shielded by high past infection rates.”

“However, those with COVID-19 immunity are not adequately protected, and their immunity will fade over time.”

With low boosting shot levels and declining immunity, “the final consequence is we’ve stopped growing in our gains, both nationwide and in California. It’s probable we’ll see some substantial upticks soon,” Watcher said.

“California has done exceptionally well in recent months,” he continued, “but there are still far too many people who have not been vaccinated. People spend less time outside, more time inside, and masking is decreasing.”

In the meantime, Florida set a new record the other week. Doctor’s Hospital (the first clinic in the region to handle a COVID victim last year) stated it has no viral victims in its care for the first time since the pandemic began.