New Jersey Returns to Mask Mandates in Certain Schools

Since 2020, it’s been very well documented that mask mandates have significantly negative impacts.

When children are forced to wear masks or see other people wearing masks, it can stunt their development, making it harder for them to learn facial cues and other forms of non-verbal communication.

Furthermore, some bad actors have taken advantage of mask mandates in recent years to commit crimes with a lesser likelihood of being caught, due to having half of their faces obscured.

At this time, mask mandates are largely a thing of the past. However, several school districts in New Jersey have opted to bring these mandates back amid rising COVID cases, reports Fox5 New York.

A Closer Look at New Jersey’s Return to Mask Mandates

The Camden City School District and Passaic School District chose to revive mask mandates amid rises in influenza, COVID, and RSV. Not all districts in the state have opted to return to mask requirements; although those that have believe wearing masks will reduce the likelihood of the spread.

The growth of the omicron variant is also a factor here, despite New Jersey having a decent vaccination record. At this time, it is unclear when the mask mandates will be revoked; though no one should hold their breath waiting for this to happen.

New Jersey isn’t the only place that’s dealing with the rise of viruses. Reports indicate that other East Coast areas, such as New York, are running into similar problems.

It is unclear why this is happening because, during the height of COVID, states like New Jersey and New York implemented very tight virus rules and restrictions.

The return to mask mandates seems to mark a vicious cycle with no clear sign of when it all will come to a close.

Backlash Against the Mask Mandates

News of certain school districts bringing back mask mandates in New Jersey has led to some backlash on social media. Critics of mask mandates sounded off on how mandatory masking previously hurt kids and their ability to develop psychologically and emotionally.

Others implied that if New Jersey’s COVID restrictions, along with others on the East Coast, were truly effective, then there would be no need to return to mask mandates.

In recent years, polls have shown many folks are eager to get on with their lives, rather than being forever bogged down by COVID restrictions. Time will tell what comes next for New Jersey and whether or not things get better or worse for the state’s health conditions.

What do you think about schools in New Jersey returning to implementing mask mandates? You’re more than welcome to share how you believe this will all turn out down below in the comments section.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.