New Law Set To Ban Foreigners From Buying Land in Texas

Texas state Senator Lois Kolkhorst is worried about foreigners from America’s enemies buying land in her state.

She recently introduced a bill in the state Senate that blocks Iranians, Chinese, Russians, and North Koreans from making any land purchases in the Lone Star State.

This bill has been a long time coming. It is widely supported by the conservative caucus, including agricultural commissioner Sid Miller, who’s spoken out for a long time now about the need to ban foreign companies and individuals from snapping up Texas land.

What Does Bill 147 Cover?

Bill 147 blocks any individuals or companies from Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia from buying land in Texas. As Miller has said, foreign individuals and companies buying up lots of agricultural land in the Lone Star State have been of particular concern.

While it may bring big profits to multinational globalist companies and their American partners, it does nothing for the vast majority of Texans, except buy out their state from under them.

As Miller noted, if Americans can’t buy land in those other countries, then why are they allowing those citizens to buy their land? It makes no sense.

Foreign people and companies own around five million acres of Texas land, amounting to a disturbing 3% of all its private land. That’s a lot of land.

The recent attempt by a Chinese-led business to buy a wind power farm next to Laughlin Airforce Base raised a particular red flag.

GH America, run by former Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) member Sun Guangxin, wanted to buy up 140,000 acres next to Laughlin for their “wind farm.” Under a Democrat-run state, they likely would have succeeded, but GOP-led Texas said no way.

As Miller said, there’s no reason to allow some Chinese-involved company from setting up shop right next to a major US military base where they can spy. GH America and Guangxin deny all accusations. They say Miller’s accusations and implications are completely false.

Democrats Demand Foreigners Be Allowed To Buy Texas Land

Of course, the Democrat Party is on the other side of this issue. They say Miller and Kolkhorst are ruining the agricultural sector.

State Congressman Gene Wu, for example, says Bill 147 is a racist, completely nonsensical bill that will “wreck” the farming sector in the Lone Star State.

Wu points out China is the third biggest buyer of Texas products such as corn, soy, wheat, and oil. If China is blocked from buying land in Texas, they may well simply stop all these contracts and stop buying Texas goods.

As Wu noted, many Chinese and other citizens trying to buy land in the US are in the process of becoming American citizens and trying to go through the process of becoming loyal to the US officially.

Blocking them at this juncture is the wrong move and is an anti-business, protectionist move, according to Wu.

The Bottom Line

Wu is completely wrong. The threat from China and other countries is much larger than even this bill gets at.

This bill doesn’t go far enough. With a few exceptions, there’s no reason to allow companies or individuals from foreign companies to purchase American land.

If they want, they can rent it after an approval process. It’s time to put America first for real.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.