New Methods of Stopping COVID are Draconian

The WHO has devised a strategy for averting global catastrophe.

It advised countries to boost up their efforts to vaccinate everybody in order to halt a coronavirus outbreak caused by the omicron variant, saying travel restrictions and border checks are not the solutions.

This Variant Spread Worldwide

Omicron spread across Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Mideast, and Europe. It has already touched seven of South Africa’s nine provinces.

Many countries toughened travel controls, targeting African international airports in reaction. However, the World Health Organization is pushing for additional vaccinations and boosters for everyone.

“Border checks can buy some time, but every nation and society must prepare for fresh spikes of cases,” WHO Western Pacific Director Takeshi Kasai said during a press conference.


According to Reuters, Kasai encouraged nations to adequately vaccinate susceptible groups and adhere to prevention methods, such as mask use and social isolation. According to Breitbart News, the Biden government already declared efforts to prevent the virus from spreading in the United States.

On Thursday, the president advised everyone to roll up their sleeves again this winter, as new vaccines and jabs became more freely available among most states.

Beyond his proposal that Americans wear face masks indoors in public places, Biden has not moved to enforce any restrictions. International air travelers going into the United States starting Monday must have a clear coronavirus testing within one day of their arrival.

Germany Gets Tough with Lockdowns

The German health minister stated Friday the coronavirus infected upwards of 1% of the total population, or nearly a million individuals. The minister urged Germans to get immunized if they haven’t already.

According to numbers released by the federal disease management office, the government confirmed 74,352 new daily COVID-19 cases and 390 extra deaths. As per the Robert Koch Institute, there are 925,800 persons in Germany who are now exposed to the virus.

Jens Spahn, the health minister, pointed out the proportion of immunized citizens who are sick and critically ill is far higher than their proportion of the population. “We might not be in this terrible situation if all German individuals were immunized,” he told journalists in Berlin.

Spahn commented a day after federal authorities imposed stringent new limits aimed mostly at the unvaccinated, banning them from attending non-essential commerce, restaurants, sporting events, and cultural sites.

In addition, the administration intends to provide a general vaccine authorization to Congress for consideration. Steffen Seibert, a ministry spokesman, said MPs might vote on the matter in early January.

Spahn, who is expected to step down next week after Germany’s new center-left administration takes power, opposed mandatory vaccination and stated publicly on Friday he would vote against this.

In Germany, approximately 68.8% of people were vaccinated, but the administration established a minimum objective of 75%. On Wednesday, more than one million dosages were provided in a single day for the first time since that summer.