New Orleans Mayor Seen Flipping the Bird at a Mardi Gras Float

It’s not often that we use the term “quiet quitting” for a government official, but it seems New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell may have just brought on the first mention of it in this context.

The city’s residents are pushing for her removal from the position. It’s been over a year since she’s last met with department heads; one activist’s goal to obtain 50,000 signatures to support this cause has already been surpassed.

Cantrell hasn’t met with department heads for over a year

The activist in question is none other than Ellen Carter, a former member of Cantrell’s office. She saw the mayor at “work” firsthand, knowing how things would spiral out of control once Cantrell decided to stop doing her job.

Crime rates skyrocketed and the citizens of New Orleans simply couldn’t handle the pressure of constantly living in fear.

One could say Cantrell doesn’t love the city she’s supposed to be leading; it’s about time that someone with proper leadership skills takes matters into their own hands.

On top of being an incompetent mayor, Cantrell has been at the focal point of a number of scandals, one of which even includes a possible affair with one of her bodyguards.

Another one would be a photograph of her attending a Mardi Gras parade and flipping the bird on the members of a float while shouting at them.

The city is practically in shambles. Had it not been overtaken by Jackson, Mississippi, it’d have easily become the nation’s murder capital, seeing as homicide rates increased by 116% since 2019.

A lack of leadership

If it’s not the crime rates though, then it’s the overall condition the city’s in. Carter pointed out the number of broken windows and potholes is only going up, without a single motion to do anything about them.

She even argued Cantrell’s actions or lack thereof are downright irresponsible and arrogant, adding the mayor has yet to make a single good judgment regarding what the city actually needs.

Thankfully, 50,000 votes are enough to trigger a recall election; the final result will decide exactly how willing the citizens of New Orleans are to oust their lazy, no-good mayor.

However, a growing number of people are in fear of Cantrell’s retaliation, especially if it’s found out they signed Carter’s petition, claiming she will be bitter and she will most certainly go after them.

The citizens of New Orleans are desperate for change; with enough of them supporting the cause, it may come just in time to help get the city back on its feet.

Cantrell’s work has run New Orleans into the ground, turning the famed festival-goer and foodie destination into a crime-plagued dump; her extravagant trips to Europe aren’t exactly helping.

Unfortunately, a great number of these stories against LaToya get swept under the rug. The people of New Orleans will have to fight harder than ever if they want their city to shine as brightly as it once did.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.